Shadow Fight Arena Experiences A Soft Launch, Experience A Unique Team Based Fighting Game

Shadow Fight Arena Experiences A Soft Launch,  Experience A Unique Team Based Fighting Game
Credit: NEKKI via Reddit

Developer Nekki is known for its work in the mobile game industry. Earlier this year they revealed a new team-based fighting experience set in their Shadow Fight universe. A gameplay trailer was published which fully revealed the team-based fighting experience titled Shadow Fight Arena. 

This game is designed to be an entirely PvP experience. Enter a mobile arena where players battle in 3v3 team-based fights. Choose three characters and form a team to fight against other teams of three characters. This title is about skill, coordination, and talent rather than perks or items giving players any advantages.

Compete in a PVP version of the Shadow Fight universe. This is a real-time PVP experience that will have you fighting on teams of three against other players from all over the world.

Each of the heroes can be upgraded and intersect with each other in unique and interesting ways. It is up to the players to find the best synergy and to try and counter any enemy teams’ tactics.

Control your hero like a classical fighter and get to the beat and battling that console players’ love, on a mobile title. This game is about getting in the dirt and roughing up enemies unlike any other battle game of this style.

This game is part of the famous Shadow Fight series which has a rich history, multiple installments, and millions of downloads. Enter the arena of something new and exciting as fans battle it out to score high on the leaderboard.

Fight alongside legendary shadow warriors in the online PvP battles. As you battle through the game you will unlock new heroes and make it further into challenging experience than ever before. Enjoy unique combos, fighter ranks, and classic controls all mixed with spectacular combat animations that bring console-level excitement right to your phone.

Enter the Shadow Fight world and explore the other games for a better perspective on the world around you. For more information be sure to look into the game’s website and other trailers. There is a wealth of lore developed through multiple installments that make for an interesting past time.

Shadow Fight Arena is available on Android and iOS devices. This is a mobile title that will require quick thinking, fast reflexes, and an understanding of team tactics. Battle three on three in an interesting universe of shadow based battles. Nekki has worked hard to create this title bringing everything together into a single PVP experience.