Seattle Surge Signs Two Players To Join Their Roster As Substitutes, Pandur and Proto

Seattle Surge Signs Two Players To Join Their Roster As Substitutes, Pandur and Proto
Credit: Aquilini Investment Group and Enthusiast Gaming

Seattle Surge has gained some more depth by signing two players to join their Call of Duty League roster.

The team has filled their five core spots, but as per the league, each team needs to have two to five substitute players.

These are two solid players to be joining the North Western representative.

Name: Chris “Pandur” Romano
• Birthplace: United States
• Birthday: January 9, 1998
• Team Role: Substitute
• Twitter: @CaseyPandur
• Notable Accomplishments: Pandur has played on multiple amateur teams, as well as one professional team before Seattle Surge. He’s been competing in Call of Duty since 2015, and most recently, placed fifth at the CWL London Open 2019.

Name: Nicholas “Proto” Maldonado
• Birthplace: United States
• Birthday: September 26, 1998
• Team Role: Substitute
• Twitter: @Proto626
• Notable Accomplishments: Proto has been playing for years as well, representing multiple teams. He had a great showing at the Call of Duty World League Championship 2019, placing in the top 12.

Pandur and Proto are great additions to the team. It is yet to be seen how much playing time they will get as substitutes, but it will be an excellent experience for them to be a part of the league in any way.

Presumably, these two were signed with a two-way contract. That means they can participate in Call of Duty League play as well as the Call of Duty Challengers division. Pro players can compete in that division until they participate in two League matches, which will make them ineligible to continue the Challengers league for that split.

By getting a spot on a Call of Duty League roster, Pandur and Proto will both receive 1000 Challenger points for every 2000 Series Tournament held in Challengers before the League starts. Seattle Surge, like all the other teams, have Affiliate and Academy teams. Pandur and Proto should become staples on those teams if they don’t get much playing time in Call of Duty League.

Each team roster must have at least seven players, with a maximum of ten. This brings Seattle Surge up to the seven, as they have already signed their core players: Damon “Karma” Barlow, Ian “Enable” Wyatt, Sam “Octane” Larew, Josiah “Slacked” Berry, and Josiah “Apathy” Zhelyazkov.

Seattle Surges’s first day of work will be in Minneapolis, Minnesota, when they face off against Toronto Ultra on the second day of the launch weekend.

They wont seen competition again until their match in London on Feburary 9th against the Paris Legion.