Rumors Of Sony Files Patent, PS5 Could Be Joined By Another New Gaming Console

Rumors Of Sony Files Patent, PS5 Could Be Joined By Another New Gaming Console
Credit: Saltiest Gaming via YouTube

Tech giant Sony is rumored to release another next-generation gaming console in addition to the Playstation 5.

According to numerous reports, Sony filed an interesting patent application for the cloud gaming industry earlier last week. The patent noted that the collection of computing resources developed to enable instances of games for remote client devices from multiple data centers.

The cloud gaming system also comes with at least a single channel driver, which operates the I/O processing for multiple client devices on numerous data centers.

Reports added that every instance for each game connects with a memory, a graphics processing unit, and a memory. Sony also mentioned in its patent application that the video frames compresses for multiple device streaming purposes.

Keep in mind that gaming console giants like Sony usually file patents. The question is if these will be completed and released sooner or it is just an idea that the company is considering at this time.

Sony’s New Gaming Console Will Compete With Google and Microsoft

Sony’s latest patent application sighting emerged following the claims that Sony was modifying the streaming service of Playstation Now.

Earlier last month, rumors across the industry suggested that the redesigned Playstation Now service will get a significant push with the launch of the PS5.

Although Sony is still mum about the details of the release of a new gaming console, industry experts believe that the move is geared towards the version of Google and Microsoft’s new streaming console.

It can be recalled that Google and Microsoft released the Google Stadia and the xCloud games streaming services, respectively.

Playstation 5 Will Bring Innovative Features

Meanwhile, Mike Cerny, Playstation’s lead architect, and console producer said that the PS5 would offer innovative features that will further improve user experience.

Cerny revealed that the PS5 would come with ray-tracing graphics and visuals with 8K resolution, a 7nm AMD Ryzen chip based on Zen 2 architecture and a graphics processing unit from the Radieo Navi family.

Sony said that the promise from this trio of hardware is massive bandwidth capabilities, quicker load times, and oodles of graphics grunt. Cerny also added that the PS5 also has an optical disc drive but is still tight-lipped about its final spec.

Sony has yet to reveal the official release of their gaming consoles, but most signs point to a late 2020 release. Analysts from Ace Research added that the consoles would likely arrive by November 2020.