Resident Evil Village Will Be The Longest RE Engine Game To Date, According to A Trusted Source

Resident Evil Village Will Be The Longest RE Engine Game To Date, According to A Trusted Source
Credit: Steam

The recent remake of Resident Evil 3 took roughly 6 hours to beat, which some gamers took issue with when considering the larger price tag. Resident Evil 7, which is now the best-selling game in the franchise, took around 8 – 10 hours to complete. Resident Evil Village, the upcoming sequel, will reportedly be the longest game to date using the current Resident Evil engine.

The claim comes from Ryan aka AestheticGame aka Dusk Golem, a game developer/writer/YouTube personality who has a pretty good track record with these things. What’s more, the series will supposedly follow this trend with upcoming titles.

By “stuff coming up,” he’s likely referring to the remake of Resident Evil 4. Despite the Resident Evil 3 remake not performing as well as the Resident Evil 2 remake, neither commercially nor critically, Capcom is rolling forward with the remake train. Resident Evil 4 is one of the most beloved entries in the series.

It’s worth noting that Resident Evil 4 is also one of the longer entries, taking around 15 hours to complete. So if the Resident Evil 4 is going to “follow a similar trend,” it sounds as if Capcom isn’t going to cut the game down much, if at all.

Resident Evil 6 is actually the longest game in the series, thanks to its multiple storylines, but everyone seems content to forget that game ever happened.

The reason that Dusk Golem refers to the Resident Evil engine, rather than just saying modern Resident Evil, is that the engine is also used for other Capcom franchises, like Devil May Cry. If his claim proves true, Resident Evil Village will be longer than the games in that series, too. So expect a campaign that takes a dozen or so hours, if not more.

Resident Evil Village (or Resident Evil 8) is scheduled to hit Xbox Series X, Playstation 5, and PC sometime in 2021. Unfortunately, that’s the release window we have so far.

Then again, with all the news coming out recently, it sounds like that release will be sooner rather than later. We only have a few more months of 2020 left and, for all anybody knows, the game could release very early in the next year.

Dear readers, do you prefer shorter games or longer games? As a gamer who’s getting older, I can appreciate the brevity of a short game, as it allows me to tackle the next thing in my catalog. Then again, as a lifelong fan of the Resident Evil series, I miss the long, winding games that are chock full of creepy mythology.