Red Wings: Aces Of The Sky Is Now Available On PC And Consoles

Red Wings: Aces Of The Sky Is Now Available On PC And Consoles
Credit: PlayStation via YouTube

If you’re a fan of flight games, then you’re probably well aware of Microsoft Flight Simulator taking up most of the gaming headlines. That’s not surprising considering just how detailed and immersive it is.

However, if you’re looking for a different type of flight experience that centers more around arcade action, then Red Wings: Aces of the Sky might be worth checking out when you have some free time. It just launched on PC and consoles.

Developed by Allin! Games, Red Wings takes a lot of elements found in classic dogfighting games and injects a stylized take on it with WW1 planes. That design choice alone makes this game stand out among the many others that already exist in this genre.

Looking at some of the trailers and gameplay sequences that are out, it appears that this is a pretty skilled flight experience. You won’t be able to just fly haphazardly and shoot like a madman when waging war with opponents high up in the sky. Rather, Red Wings requires you to use a lot of finesse in order to reign supreme.

If you don’t maneuver your plane just right and dodge enemy attacks, you’ll be sent down plummeting to the ground in a hurry. The added skill involved gives you a lot of excitement as a pilot trying to do everything but get attacked repeatedly by opponents.

The game includes a story-driven campaign centering around aerial combat during the Great War. If you like this time period and perhaps want a different perspective, then this game has you covered. There are a total of 50 missions to get wrapped up in.

In addition to having different planes to control and master, you’ll also be able to unlock different skill trees for your pilot. There is a path for every type of aerial fighter, whether you like doing things up close or want to add a little bit of agility into the mix.

No particular skill tree is correct, but rather you have the opportunity to decide how you want to approach these engaging and high-octane dog fights.

There haven’t been too many airplane combat games to come out in the last couple of years so it’s nice to see a new entry in Red Wings. If you like this genre and want to check out a different take on fighting in historic planes, then this arcade flight game has a lot to love early on.