Microsoft Flight Simulator Is Having A Closed Beta For VR Very Soon

Microsoft Flight Simulator Is Having A Closed Beta For VR Very Soon
Credit: ObsidianAnt via YouTube

Microsoft Flight Simulator hasn’t been out for very long, but it’s already gaining a lot of traction and putting up impressive user numbers since launch. The appeal is getting in realistic planes with realistic controls and enjoying incredible flight experiences.

In no other series can you experience flying quite like what’s offered in Microsoft Flight Simulator. And it has only gotten better thanks to the developer’s passion for this project and their bevvy of updates. One of the most promising is the addition of VR support.

If there was any game that deserves VR, it’s Microsoft Flight Simulator. The game already knocks it out of the park with immersion, but things would go to the next level using a VR headset. Players would feel like they’re really in a cockpit, flying over iconic locations all over the world.

Players have known about the possibility of VR support for some time now. The developer wasn’t originally going to add it, but after the support it received from the community, they were pretty much forced into adding it and that’s a great thing. It will make Microsoft Flight Simulator that much more realistic and fun to play.

And according to boss Jorg Neumann, select users won’t have to wait too long before they can see what potential VR support has in this flight simulation experience. As reported by Neumann, a closed beta for VR will be available at the end of October or at the beginning of November. First, it’s coming to Windows Mixed Reality headsets.

If you’re one of the lucky users that gets selected for this upcoming closed beta, you’ll get to experience a unique flight experience and help the developer by providing your feedback.

They want this addition being amazing and rolling out as smoothly as possible and in order to do this, they need the community to really critique what they’ve done so far.

They already have an amazing game on their hands so if there is any studio that can nail VR, it’s Asobo. Now they just need to get it out to select gamers during this closed beta and see how it does. It’s a very exciting time to be a user in Microsoft Flight Simulator.

There are already a lot of things to love, but the developer wants to push the limits like never before. And if you still haven’t had the pleasure of flying around New York or Australia, now’s the perfect time.