Rogue Company Is Now Free To Play Since It Left Closed Beta

Rogue Company Is Now Free To Play Since It Left Closed Beta
Credit: PlayStation via YouTube

There have been a lot of third-person shooters to come out in the last few years. These games typically have their own take on the genre, whether it’s extra realism or unique enemy threats that players online have to take out.

A new one just went free to the public and that is Rogue Company, a multiplayer shooter developed by First Watch Games. It’s free since it just left closed beta. So if you’ve seen potential and want to see what you’ve been missing, now’s a great time to check it out at no cost.

There are a couple of modes already available, which involve players completing a series of objectives. Each round varies in terms of how it plays out and that’s great in that it keeps gameplay fresh.

Whatever round or mode players are enjoying, they can use money they’ve earned to upgrade their character in different ways. For example, players can grab new equipment and unlock new perks that allow them to approach combat in a particular way.

The modes currently available include Extraction, Demolition, Strikeout, and Wingman. Extraction is a 4v4 mode that involves players hacking into an objective. Strikeout plays out like Extraction, only there are limited respawns available.

Wingman is a simple two versus two mode, while Demolition involves players planting a bomb within a particular period of time. Overall, these modes are pretty varied and give players plenty to do right out of the gate.

Whatever type of online multiplayer experience you’re looking for, Rogue Company can provide it. There have been a lot of battle royale games in recent memory, but this game has a totally different feel and that’s important because gamers today deserve variety.

Also, the game has a good selection of Rogues to play as, with each one having a particular set of skills. As the game matures, you can bet more Rogues will be added to suit different types of playstyles.

It’s also important to remember that the game just entered open beta. It will get much better with time as the developer takes notes from the community and see where there is still room for improvement.

They’ve already done a great job, but they still want this shooter being more unique and having an impact in a busy space. If they put in the work, Rogue Company has a bright future that players can check out for nothing right now.