Red Dead Online Is Finally Getting A New Update On Tuesday, The First In 2020

Red Dead Online Is Finally Getting A New Update On Tuesday, The First In 2020
Credit: Rockstar Games Via YouTube

Red Dead Online is a mystery to most. For what is considered to be one of the most beautiful single-player games ever developed, Rockstar have been very lacklustre when it comes to keeping the online part of Red Dead Redemption 2 updated with new content.

To put it into perspective, the last sizable update for Red Dead Online came in December 2019. This introduced the Moonshiner Specialist Role where you could brew your own moonshine and sell it for a profit. Since then, the game has been devoid of content updates.

Will the Tuesday, July 28th update be any different? There’s a new Frontier Pursuit being added, although it’s not clear what that will be yet. It will apparently introduce players to the secrets of naturalism – some sort of herbalist role?

There will also finally be a new Outlaw Pass. The previous Outlaw Pass ended in March of this year, and probably due to global circumstances over the last few months, there’s been an understandable lack of content updates.

The last Outlaw Pass Number Two introduced Fast Travel passes, new cosmetics (such as John Marston’s clothes) and some new cosmetics for your horses. Let’s just say the pass wasn’t received with much praise from the community.

It’s likely the new Outlaw Pass arriving on the 28th will again include new cosmetics and upgrades for your character, and many players are looking forward to spending some of the saved gold accumulated during the update hiatus.

Lastly, Rockstar’s tweet alludes to a bunch of community-requested changes and features. This is pretty vague as it stands and players will have to wait for patch notes to arrive before making any judgement.

A few things pointed about by the community over the last few months include a lack of animals on the map. Back when Red Dead Online first started, there were plenty of beasts to hunt and earn a coin for. Since the traders were introduced many players are wiping out entire populations of creatures, a bit like the actual Wild West.

Overall, Rockstar’s Red Dead Online still feels empty and unloved compared to GTA: V. Although RDO still has an active community, it’s not difficult to tell that player numbers have been dwindling.

Those still dedicated to the online mode are pretty excited for a new update, the first in 2020. Whether or not the update will up to expectations is yet to be seen.