Razer Viper Ultimate Claims To Be The Fastest Wireless Gaming Mouse In The Market Today

Razer Viper Ultimate Claims To Be The Fastest Wireless Gaming Mouse In The Market Today
Credit: BadSeed Tech via YouTube

The new Viper Ultimate from Razer will supposedly give gamers an unfair advantage with its performance and speed.

The Viper Ultimate is not only fast, but its stability is also something to behold. In fact, it is one of the favored gaming accessories by esports professionals. According to Razer, you get a bump in speed to as much as 25% compared to other wireless mouse devices.

The company managed to achieve these speeds by tweaking the data protocols. The adjustment cuts the data transfer time between the mouse and the CPU. On top of that, the designers also installed hyper-speed radio frequency to achieve their target reaction time benchmarks.

Because of the narrow lag time, the Viper Ultimate mouse reaches the lowest latency for each click.

But speed alone is not a true gauge of performance. It is why the Razer Viper Ultimate also features Adaptive Frequency Technology. What it does is to scan all channels consistently every millisecond to monitor for interference. The AI technology then allows the mouse to choose the frequency that works best to avoid stutters or lag.

Razer also tweaked the sensor in this mouse to reach 20,000 DPI, along with 99.6% resolution accuracy. Even the smallest movement will be tracked with amazing consistency. Not only that, AI technology improved the accuracy of the mouse. If you are playing a shooter game like PUBG or Overwatch, the improved accuracy will give you an unparalleled advantage. Now, you can fall back and kills enemies with headshots from a good distance away.

The company claims that the wireless mouse requires less power, which means you can play your game longer.

The Viper Ultimate also features the patented Optical Mouse Switch from Razer. The technology is billed to perform miles better compared to the standard mechanical mouse switch used by other devices.

Remarkably, the company claimed that the actuation could achieve the speed of light. When you click on the mouse, the infrared light will piece through the shutter, which then sends an electrical signal to your CPU. As a result, the response time would hit 0.2 milliseconds, which is three times faster compared to the standard mechanical switch.

The Razer Viper Ultimate weighs 74g, which is certainly not the lightest out there. The Razer Viper, for instance, weighs just 69g. But then again, most gamers don’t really care about the weight more than the grip and comfort.