Details For Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare’s Player Progression System Revealed, Prestige Option Removed

Details For Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare’s Player Progression System Revealed, Prestige Option Removed
Credit: Infinity Ward via YouTube

Earlier this month, there was a rumor going around which suggested that Infinity Ward was going to ditch the prestige system in favor of seasonal ranks, and the rumor proved to be true, as the longtime Call of Duty developers are replacing the ability to prestige with something called Officer Ranks, which will be reset after each in-game season.

In their latest blog post, Activision revealed that the prestige option is going to be removed in the upcoming Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, and you can check out the details of the new Officer Ranks below.

  • Rank up through the Enlisted Ranks (1-55) to unlock base weapons, perks, equipment, Killstreaks, and Field Upgrades.
  • Rank up your weapons individually though the weapon progression system. Gain experience for each weapon to earn attachments and base camouflage patterns, and complete camo challenges to complete camo sets.
  • Begin your Season of Officer Ranks, where you will receive an Officer Challenge at each rank leading up to 5-Star General (Rank 100). Completing each challenge rewards a ribbon. Earning 10 ribbons awards an Emblem, and all 100 ribbons give you a better Emblem.
  • Rather than having to reset your Enlisted Rank, Modern Warfare will introduce Officer Ranks, a seasonal ranking system complete with rewards and 100 ranks to progress through. When you reach Officer Rank 1, you receive a cosmetic Weapon Blueprint for your promotion.

Also in the blog, Activision echoed what they’ve said before, which is that all functional items such as weapons, perks, and attachments can be earned by playing the game, as there will be no loot box system in Modern Warfare.

Moreover, XP will also be earned by just playing the game, and you can earn even more XP by completing daily and weekly challenges. So, there will be no shortage of ways for players to progress through the ranks, thus unlocking more effective weapons and perks.

Additionally, while there will be microtransactions in Modern Warfare, they’ll only cover cosmetic items. So, if you’re someone who is looking into subscribing to MW’s Battle Pass, then you should know that it’ll only feature skins for your character and weapons, as Activision recently revealed that post-launch DLC such as new maps and modes will be completely free-to-download.

So, it looks like Activision is finally listening to the Call of Duty fanbase, which likely means that the upcoming Modern Warfare relaunch will be one of the hottest games of the year.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is scheduled to hit consoles and PC on October 25.