Possible Addition Of The Notorious Big Chungus Web Meme In MultiVersus

Possible Addition Of The Notorious Big Chungus Web Meme In MultiVersus
Credit: gamer

According to a new Warner Bros. trademark, MultiVersus may have a Bugs Bunny skin that was influenced by the Big Chungus internet meme.

Alongside fellow Looney Tunes legend Taz the Tasmanian Devil, Bugs Bunny appears as a customizable character in the hybrid combat game. Users have already started creating their unique cosmetics, such as a MultiVersus Superman idea in a black outfit, and Big Chungus may soon join the platform brawler’s outfit as well.

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MultiVersus, a video game created by Player First Games, brings together a remarkable cast of Warner Bros. figures for multiversal multiplayer mayhem. Along with Arya Stark from Game of Thrones, The Iron Giant, and other Game of Thrones characters, the cast also features Batman, Wonder Woman, and Harley Quinn from DC Comics.

Many of these characters also have well-known actors providing their voices, and each figure has a unique collection of clothing that can be fully customized. While MultiVersus makes sure that every one of its figures is faithfully portrayed, Player First Games has also not shied away from enjoying memes and online culture.

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For instance, the potent Shaggy meme in MultiVersus shows the Scooby-Doo actor using overpowering strength and speed to dominate his enemies on the battlefield.

Andrew Marmo, a gaming journalist, and Twitter user, claims that Player First Games may be getting ready to include Big Chungus in MultiVersus (via IGN). The 1941 Merrie Melodies cartoon Wabbit Twouble is where the famous illustration of a chubby Bugs Bunny, known as Big Chungus, came from.

According to Andrew Marmo, Warner Bros. has registered the name and look of Big Chungus for usage in video games, with MultiVersus apparently the most likely contender. The memetic artwork might be used as a different attire for Big Bunny, but it could also be used to represent an entirely new character.