Players Are Perplexed By Dead Island 2’s Lack Of An Island Setting

Players Are Perplexed By Dead Island 2’s Lack Of An Island Setting
Credit: gamerant

Gamers of the original Dead Island have noted that the sequel’s title is now meaningless because it takes place in Los Angeles, a metropolis, not an island.

The statement that Dead Island 2, a game that was first unveiled almost ten years ago, will be making a comeback was one of the best to come out of Gamescom Opening Night Live. Despite the generally good response to the unveiling, there is one thing amiss with the Dead Island 2 reveal: the name no longer makes any logic whatsoever.

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The two Dead Island 2 trailers that were triumphantly exhibited during the Gamescom Opening Night Live reveal plainly showed the phrase “Welcome to HELL.A,” indicating that the game is set in Los Angeles.

According to other interviews, San Francisco and another “undisclosed locale in California” will both appear in Dead Island 2.

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Los Angeles, San Francisco, and whatever another unnamed Californian city appears in the film are cities, not islands. As a result, the film’s title, “Dead Island 2,” is both entirely false and vague. Many Dead Island 2 fans expressed their displeasure on social media after the game’s reveal, claiming that the title no really makes any logic at all.

In case you forgot, the first Dead Island took place on an island called Banoi, which was also a subtropical resort.
Both the follow-up, Dead Island: Riptide, and the spin-off game, Escape Dead Island, were set on islands. Even though the series’ island location lessened a bit as it went along, it has always been true to its title and happened there.

Of course, this is an issue that has existed since Dead Island 2 was first unveiled at E3 2014 because the game was also set based in California and lacked a sensible name. It is a hilarious situation, but none of the Dead Island fans seem overly bothered by the game’s multiple-city setting.