Gus Fring And Saul Goodman From Breaking Bad Have Been Added To The MultiVersus Mod

Gus Fring And Saul Goodman From Breaking Bad Have Been Added To The MultiVersus Mod

The idea that Breaking Bad’s Walter White should appear in MultiVersus is among the most well-known memes about the game, and it has even caught the interest of a few of the game’s developers.

Fans have created wishlists, renderings, and even game hacks that include him in the midst of the fact that Breaking Bad isn’t even licensed by Warner Bros.

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However, players desire to see all of the Breaking Bad characters included in MultiVersus, not just Walter White.
Gus Fring, the manager of Los Pollo Hermanos, may be seen standing alongside the other members of the game’s cast in one of the most well-known jokes to emerge out of MultiVersus, which prompted numerous individuals to mistakenly believe he was a genuine player.

Even though this wasn’t the case, GameBanana modder DrZebi chose to let life resemble art and added him to the game as a protagonist switch patch.

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Players can take over the role of the wholesome manager for themselves thanks to the patch, which overlays Arya Stark with a bespoke Gus Fring model that closely resembles the MultiVersus art aesthetic.

He is a drug lord, which is unfortunate given all the negative coverage, isn’t it? The mod, according to DrZebi, It appears that it might get much more complicated later because “I will enhance this modification with custom color for squads and custom music when I have the time.”

Gus Fring is not the only Breaking Bad character who has been modified for MultiVersus. Shaggy has been replaced with everyone’s beloved slimy lawyer by GameBanana modder IX Productions, who even swapped out Shaggy’s sandwiches for a legal document.

Trapped in a multiversal conflict with forces outside of your control? Call Saul instead! Both of these mods, which you can currently download from GameBanana, work perfectly with the Walter White mod that we highlighted this week. Now that Jesse has been included, the game will essentially be the Breaking Bad brawler we’ve always wanted.