MultiVersus’ Season One Glimpse Reveals Arena Mode, Rated Play, And More Cosmetics

MultiVersus’ Season One Glimpse Reveals Arena Mode, Rated Play, And More Cosmetics
Credit: GAME24

More Characters, a New Ranking Mode, Classic Arcade Mode, and Other Features in MultiVersus Season 1

Tony Huynh, the director of the MultiVersus game, announced the news today during the celebration of EVO 2022.

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The game will also have new characters, new cosmetics like icons, banners, and variations, a retro arcade mode, and a new ranked mode in addition to Rick and Morty. Huin only revealed that co-op play is supported in the classic arcade mode. The talk was over in a flash.

If the tiny image above is representative of the actual stuff we’ll be getting; the costume selections oddly seem to include LeBron James’ Robin costume. The release date was the only item he failed to disclose.

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After the postponement that was announced a few days ago, the start date for the first season is still unknown.

Even though it is still in beta, MultiVersus has already developed a sizable fan base and has one of the most popular launches in fighting game history.

Warner Bros. provided gamers with the first glimpse at season one of the game, which is now only providing a limited window into the game’s potential content.

Two new game options will be available for players in season one. First, ranked will be unlocked after being locked for the duration of the beta, allowing players to compete in skill-based matchmaking for the first time.

Second, a new mode called Classic Arcade is being introduced by MultiVersus, albeit it is presently unknown what this mode would involve.

Although a large portion of MultiVersus’ upcoming content has been teased, season one has lately been delayed and has no official start date as of yet. Fans still have a lot to look forward to, even though gamers would have to wait a while before getting anything from the first season of the constantly expanding game.