Phanteks Unleashes Three New Products: Eclipse P360X & Evolv Shift Air Chassis, And Neon Digital-RGB LED Kit

Phanteks Unleashes Three New Products: Eclipse P360X & Evolv Shift Air Chassis, And Neon Digital-RGB LED Kit
Credit: Bit-Tech

PC hardware manufacturing company Phanteks, today, announced three new hardware which are available for pre-order at the manufacturer’s website.

First, is the Phanteks Eclipse P360X, a compact mid-tower ATX case, then the Phanteks Enthoo Evolv Shift Air, a small form factor chassis and lastly, the Phanteks Digital RGB Neon LED Kit.

Phanteks Eclipse P360X

The new P360X owes much of its design to the predecessor, the Phanteks P350X. This is a versatile mid-tower ATX case which also supports ATX, Micro ATX, Mini ITX, and E-ATX *(up to 280mm wide) motherboards. Boasting a Steel Chassis, the Eclipse P360X is crafted from high-grade ABS, and Tempered Glass.

It supports fans of up to 140mm, two at the top and two at the front. At the rear, Phanteks pre-installed a 120mm Phanteks Black Case Fan. It also has support for radiators up to 280mm at the front, 120mm at the rear and up to 240mm at the top and front. Storage expansion is unlimited as the Eclipse includes two 3.5” modular HDD bays and two 2.5” SSD bays.

When it comes to the interface and connectivity, the Eclipse has two USB 3.0 ports, a microphone and headphone jack, a power button, D-RGB mode, and D-RGB color. The Phanteks P360X Chassis will be available in the US this September for just $70.

Phanteks Enthoo Evolv Shift Air

This one borrows a leaf from the original Phanteks Evolv Shift. It is designed for critical systems that require efficient cooling. With the innovative high-performance mesh fabric, there is unrestricted air flow, in and out of the rig. On the interface, the Enthoo Evolv Shift Air features two USB 3.0 ports, a power button, and RGB button.

The Phanteks Enthoo Evolv Shift Air sports a small footprint design making it ideal for those looking to save on space. It boasts Anodized aluminum panels and a sturdy Power coated steel chassis. The Evolv Shift Air will be available in two colors; Satin Black and Anthracite Gray.

Regarding availability, Phanteks says that it will hit the stores this September though the exact date is unknown. The Phanteks Evolv Shift Air Chassis itself will set you back $100 while a single Evolv Shift Air Fabric Mesh Panel is going for $20.

Phanteks Digital RGB Neon LED Kit

Last is a digital RGB system which delivers the smoothest lighting effects with many mounting positions. Its length is ideal for use on the contours of an ATX motherboard, chassis or other PC hardware components.

This RGB kit is also coming this September and will be available in three options. First is the 1m Neon Digital-RGB LED Strip which goes for $22. There’s also the 550mm variant going for $15, and lastly, the Neon Digital-RGB LED Strip Combo Kit with a $20 price tag.