Overwatch League – The San Francisco Shock Officially Re-Sign Main Tank Matthew ‘Super’ DeLisi

Overwatch League – The San Francisco Shock Officially Re-Sign Main Tank Matthew ‘Super’ DeLisi
Credit: PlayOverwatch via YouTube

Perhaps this is a surprise to someone out there, especially considering that the San Francisco Shock have already announced that they’re re-signing the core of the two-time champion team, but this needed its own post.

Matthew ‘Super’ DeLisi has officially been re-signed to the San Francisco Shock for the upcoming 2021 season.

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Not that there was much doubt; the player has been a core part of the team in matches with the ability to play the main tank role along with a wilder stroll through DPS plays, although rarely seen outside of one-sided matches. This isn’t to state that Super is a poor DPS player, simply that those on his team can readily outshine him, as they’ve been playing the role for far longer.

The main tank for the Shock has been sidelined occasionally during the tumultuous 2020 season that saw the pandemic wreaking havoc everywhere it could with cancellations and hoop-jumping ultimately being replaced by the entire season being played online, but when he steps back into the server his dominance is consistently felt regardless of time riding the bench.

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Super is joining the re-signing of other players on the roster as well: Choihyobin, Striker, Smurf, and Viol2t.

It’s worth noting that, financially, the San Francisco Shock is one of the few teams that are likely still making a profit within the Overwatch League as they’re one of the few teams that can consistently manage to make the finals and reign supreme; while other teams are forced to offer lowest possible wages, it’s far more plausible that the Shock can eke out a couple of additional dollars for the star-studded roster.

A feat that not even the NYXL can currently manage.

Admittedly, the funds available for the San Francisco Shock are simply speculation, although it is worth noting that they are the only team to consistently win championships and to re-sign their star-studded and infallibly popular roster core.

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This ultimately tumbles into the 2021 season for both Matthew DeLisi, the San Francisco Shock, and the rest of the teams of the Overwatch League.

Frankly speaking, it doesn’t seem entirely plausible that a league that is widely rumored to be bankrupt from the pandemic can manage to accrue new talent for the coming season of the Overwatch League in a manner that results in new rosters being able to somehow retire the infallible banner of the San Francisco Shock in the upcoming season.

That bodes well for the San Francisco Shock fans, and poorly for the league at large.