Overwatch League: Corey Officially Retires From The Washington Justice To Play Valorant

Overwatch League: Corey Officially Retires From The Washington Justice To Play Valorant
Credit: Washington Justice via YouTube

If you’re keeping count, this is the second player to leave Overwatch League for the sheer desire to play Valorant in a professional setting. Granted, it’s far less astonishing than when Sinatraa left, as he had received multiple awards last season and was on the most dominant team that has no concerns in the league right now, but it’s perhaps a bit less surprising when you understand Corey’s background.

Corey Nigra was a hit-scan DPS player for the Washington Justice for Overwatch, but he began everything as many first-person shooter players do: in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. After struggling to pick up a title throughout multiple tourneys, Corey instead turned to Overwatch.

The consistently changing meta’s would hold no promise of playtime for him, or any other DPS-first player until the 2-2-2 role lock came out last year.

While Jay ‘Sinatraa’ Won would point to the role lock as a primary means of him quitting, Corey instead stated in a tweet that Overwatch is still more than fun for him to play.

It’s simply that for him, Valorant offers more fun.

Still, this is unlikely to be the last player to leave Overwatch League in favor of Valorant. That’s a statement that may invoke ire from Overwatch League fans, but it isn’t a detrimental look at Overwatch, more so that players simply have preferences.

And it’s wildly difficult to prefer a league that may introduce a new meta that has you riding the bench for another year and a half straight.

This does bring about a very interesting and juicy match coming up tomorrow if you’re a fan of the Overwatch League yourself.

The Washington Justice will be playing without their primary hit-scan DPS against the Vancouver Titans; a match that would a mere two weeks prior be considered a frankly easy win for the Titans.

Yet now that the Vancouver Titans have impressively lost their entire star-studded team in one fell swoop, playing against a team without their in-game leader and primary DPS, this match is likely to be one for the history books as both teams attempt to identify how they are supposed to even play in their current form.

To say that we’re likely looking at a monumental mess in tomorrow’s match-up, which sees more teams playing in one day than ever before in Season 3, you might want to have the popcorn ready. The Vancouver Titans still haven’t announced who they’re replacing the legendary RunAway team with, and Washington just lost their biggest chance at winning.