Observer: System Redux Is Out Now; Highlights The PS5’s DualSense Haptic Feedback

Observer: System Redux Is Out Now; Highlights The PS5’s DualSense Haptic Feedback
Credit: IGN via YouTube

Now that the PS5 is officially out, players that have been lucky enough to grab the hard-to-find console are checking out all of the incredible and novel features. There are a lot of them out of the gate, including super-fast loading times and exceptional frame rates.

What’s really attracting a lot of attention are the adaptive triggers of the PS5 DualSense controller. It’s an incredible design that adjusts the resistance depending on what players are doing. For example, if they’re shooting at enemies, the triggers mimic the natural kick of the gun.

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It’s an ingenious feature that certainly sets the PS5 apart from the Xbox Series X from Microsoft. One game that perfectly highlights its capabilities and potential is Observer: System Redux from Bloober Team. It’s officially available on the PS5.

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It takes the great elements found in the original and beefs them up to support next-gen capabilities. It’s also out on the Xbox Series X, but it’s the PS5 where things really shine from a controller perspective.

You see, the PS5 DualSense controller makes use of haptic feedback. It’s like an extra layer of realism that makes players’ game experiences in Observer: System Redux feel like they’re flowing into reality. Never before has this been possible and it’s perfect for a game rooted in dark cyberpunk themes.

There are a lot of other cool features that come along with haptic feedback as well, including the ability to feel the weight of items. They don’t all feel the same either. Depending on what you’re holding, you’ll feel the controllers respond in real time. It’s like you’re there in Observer: System Redux gathering evidence in real time.

Or let’s say you’re trying to open a door that’s locked. You will actually be able to feel that resistance in the game. Never before has this level of immersion from a feeling standpoint been present. Sony is taking things to the next level with the PS5 and Observer: System Redux is helping them show off its amazing potential early on.

And if you like compelling, psychological thrillers with detective themes, this game has that in spades too. The developer has made great strides in this edition, which you’ll notice within the first few minutes of gameplay.

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It really is a great game to see what possibilities are on the horizon. Next-gen capabilities are talked about all of the time, but with this console, it seems to be delivering in compelling ways.