Nvidia Promptly Releases A Hotfix For Its New 430.39 WHQL GPU Driver To Address Reproducible Bugs

Nvidia Promptly Releases A Hotfix For Its New 430.39 WHQL GPU Driver To Address Reproducible Bugs
Credit: Nvidia

Nvidia’s Geforce 430.39 WHQL driver packed a lot when it was made available last April 23. For one, it provided day-1 Game Ready support for Strange Brigade, Anthem, and Mortal Kombat XI. It included fixes to several reported CPU and video bugs. It included updates for several Nvidia software like the Nvidia Control Panel and GeForce Experience.

A week after the release, Nvidia has announced a hotfix version 450.53 for another handful of bugs. Notable is the fix for CPU usage spikes arising from Nvdisplay.Container.exe Driver which has been released with the 430.39 driver.

The Nvidia software has up to four services constantly running in a Windows system. These include the Nvidia Display Container LS, the Nvidia LocalSystem Container, the Nvidia Telemetry Container, and the Nvidia WebHelper Service.

Usage spikes of 10-20% had been reported, and such can be annoying if they slow down the PC. Manuel Guzman of Nvidia Customer Care announced the release of the hotfix in the Nvidia community forum support.

This release underlines the advantage of reporting bugs so they can be faithfully replicated and immediately acted upon. Nvidia maintains a Driver Feedback page, as well as web pages for PC/Mac Feedback and Nvidia SHIELD Android TV Feedback.

It is ideal that reported bugs are reproducible in the user’s system and requested details are reported. Releasing a hotfix is a way to immediately address reported bugs that are reproducible in Nvidia’s labs.

There are four other issues included in the 450.53 hotfixes. The screen flickering when launching 3DMark Time Spy and the flickers when playing videos on secondary monitors are both addressed.

The third problem solved by the hotfix release is the application crashes with BeamNG car-simulation video game. The 450.53 hotfix also addresses the system freezes reported when Shadow of the Tomb Raider is launched in SLI mode.

The Scalable Link Interface or SLI is the technology for increasing graphics processing power from two or more installed GPUs.

Kudos to Nvidia for this prompt hotfix release in a short span of time. Being a hotfix, the driver version 450.53 is available only on the customer help page. This means it’s not available from the regular driver download page. This hotfix will be integrated with the next regular driver version, and the 450.53 links will then be taken down.

Some people are willing to put to use new drivers and software immediately. They often experience the expected improvements before others. And then some people tend to wait a while before installing driver updates.