No More Room In Hell 2 Is Coming Soon, According To New Steam Page

No More Room In Hell 2 Is Coming Soon, According To New Steam Page
Credit: No More Room in Hell via YouTube

One of the more well received zombie survival games in the last decade is No More Room in Hell. Developed by a talented team, this game has been praised for its realistic take on the zombie apocalypse. The game did so well that a sequel was announced, although signs of life have been dim as of late.

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That just changed recently when No More Room in Hell 2 received an official Steam page and on it, the release date of coming soon can be found. That makes it seem like it could release this year if all things go smoothly for the developer.

They already have a good foundation to build off of. The tension in the first game was incredible, the co-op design had a lot of excitement for those that enjoy multi-player, and the combat was pretty competent as well.

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It’s safe to assume the developer will continue pushing the envelope in the tension department, as well as make graphical improvements to further the series along in the right direction.

Looking at the game’s official Steam page, co-op is a strong element highlighted once again. Up to eight players will be able to team up and figure out a way to survive the cities filled with zombies running rampant.

It also looks like there is a focus on open-ended environments, featuring randomized elements. That should make each playthrough just as unique as the next. Despite how much success your team has in prior sessions, everyone will have to adapt again to the new elements.

Not only does that keep things fresh, but it makes things a bit more difficult. You’ll have to constantly switch up strategies with your team, seeing what path works best based on the current situation at hand.

Survival in No More Room in Hell 2 is predicated on the ability to improvise, work together as a team, and find helpful resources scattered through the open-ended environments.

Where the first game shined, though, was the co-op design. Everyone has to stick together to figure out the best path up ahead. That design will come through in the sequel as well and hopefully, we get some extended trailers here pretty shortly showing off everything the developer has been working hard on.

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It’s great to receive some idea of a release. Now the developer just needs to deliver what fans have waited for. If you’re a zombie gaming fan, more news about this upcoming sequel couldn’t come out soon enough.