No Man’s Sky Player Pays Tribute To Notre Dame Cathedral And Recreates The Structure Inside The Game

No Man’s Sky Player Pays Tribute To Notre Dame Cathedral And Recreates The Structure Inside The Game
Credit: No Man's Sky

As the whole world knows by now, a tragic fire greatly damaged the 850-year old Notre Dame Cathedral last Monday. And days following this devastating event, people from all over the world donated and pledged to help rebuild the Cathedral.

It doesn’t just stop there. Some big-named brands and people from different industries are showing their support for Notre Dame in their own ways.

One particular company is Ubisoft, which is offering Assassin’s Creed Unity for free until April 25. The reason for this is to give their players the chance to experience and explore Notre Dame through the game.

But popular and rich people and brands aren’t the only ones who can help Notre Dame. There are people who show their support and love for the Cathedral through their own little ways.

Some of them do so by creating a tribute, illustrating Notre Dame, and celebrating its beauty and majesty. One of them is a player from indie studio Hello Games’ action-adventure survival game, No Man’s Sky.

Gamers already have the chance of virtually visiting Notre Dame through Ubisoft’s Assassin’s Creed Unity. But this No Man’s Sky player takes their own homage to the Cathedral to a whole new level.

The player recreated the iconic Notre Dame in the alien planet of No Man’s Sky. This remarkable piece of the in-game building was shared on Reddit by the player and redditor 258100. The player says that the structure is only a façade. This means that others can’t really go and explore the inside of the model.

The tribute was built using No Man’s Sky Blender Mod on PC. It took them 2,000 parts just to create that one piece. It involved tons of trial and error in their part. And it had to be created in sections in order to make its parts easier to understand.

According to the creator’s comment, it doesn’t really look that great in other angles as of the moment. They might recreate the whole structure if the limit for the base building is increased.

For now, players would just have to be content with the simple beauty it offers. It’s still an amazing sight to behold and more pictures with breathtaking. Other players can also see the structure personally for themselves if they wish to go through extra effort.

By using the Online Location Manager Mod, others will be able to visit it through the coordinates at ETAT:055A:0076:0E31:01D4. It may take a while to rebuild the real Notre Dame. But at least players can pay their tribute in this No Man’s Sky’s version of the Cathedral