Next Possible Champions To Be Released In League Of Legends In This Year

Next Possible Champions To Be Released In League Of Legends In This Year
Credit: League of Legends via Youtube

Riot Games recently announced its plans to release six League of Legends champions every year. When the game was first introduced in 2009, most of the new champions were designed from scratch and all had a piece of lore written just for them. After a decade, however, League’s lore evolved and is now filled with countless side characters that play important roles in the game’s expansive universe.

This left Riot with an arsenal of possible new champions that had a place in the game’s lore. Fans were already thrilled about seeing such familiar faces like Kai’Sa and Senna—two characters with deep roots in Kassadin and Lucian’s background stories, respectively. Riot also built on the League universe with this year’s release of Legends of Runeterra, which has countless characters from League’s lore that are yet to be released as fully-fledged champions.

And with several new champions already teased for release later this year, there are several possible characters from League‘s universe that many fans want to see added to the game as playable champions. Here are some of the possible characters that could make the cut.

Banning Yasuo as soon as you load into a lobby may be a thing in the past if his older half brother ever makes it into the game. The duo was close during their childhood years and both studied in the only sword school in their village.

Their ties were soon to be cut, however, since the Noxian-Ionian war was becoming a reality and Yone was called to the army. He left his village behind and trusted Yasuo to keep the elderly safe. But anyone who’s familiar with Yasuo’s character would know that he wouldn’t stay put for that long.

Yasuo also left the village to join the ranks and hoped the village would be fine on its own. During his absence, Elder Souma was killed and Yasuo was accused of his murder. Failing to prove his innocence, Yasuo fled the village and Yone would soon be after him. Yone believed that his brother was guilty and wanted nothing but to bring him to justice.

The two had a battle to the end which resulted in Yone’s death. Though it may sound impossible for a character to come back from the dead, Yone already has his own card in LoR and League’s champion producer Ryan Mireles said that a masked stranger could return from the dead in a dev video, which makes him a prime candidate for a future release.

There are many ways to introduce Kato and Shiraza to League. The two are linked cards in LoR and once they hit the board together, it may be the end for anyone who stands against them. Shiraza has the ability to deal double damage to the nexus and Kato has a support ability that gives +3 to a unit.

They also seem to have a romantic relationship. Kato’s flavor text reads “Shiraza is a great girlfriend—I mean friend—and we are in no way dating. But if we were, I would like her to know that I wish her a happy anniversary. Thank you, no more questions.”

Shiraza appears to thinks otherwise, however. Her flavor text reads, “He said what?! That man has bricks for brains. Can’t fault those shoulders, though…”

Riot could either feature them as a single champion and have a chance to work with a wide ability pool or do another package deal like Xayah and Rakan. While Kato and Shiraza still have a lot to talk about their relationship, they could be a killer bot lane.

It’s been a while since Riot released a Yordle champion. Though the backstory of this little guy isn’t known, he promises to do his best if you ever let him out on top of splitting the loot.

Most of the Yordle champions in League prefer fighting from a distance, but Navori surely has the potential to become the boldest and bring the fight to his enemies. This characteristic mostly suits aggressive top laners but his voice lines such as “They’ll never see me coming” and “Down from the trees!” also give the impression of a sneaky jungler.

Though some fans will think that tank metas make League impossible to watch, tanks are an essential part of the game and can be the finishing touch of any lineup.

In LoR, Vienna becomes stronger every time she survives damage and this makes her a great candidate for either a tank champion or a battle thirsty one like Draven.

She can also be seen in a 2019 short story about Sylas, in which she tried to kill the mage but failed to do so. This led to Sylas earning her respect and proving himself worthy enough to join her tribe.

Cithria has the most detailed backstory compared to the other characters in LoR. She can be seen in another Sylas short, in which she’s one of the youngest members of the Demacian army. She showcases her worth by preventing an uprising which was about to take place after Sylas successfully escaped his execution.

She has two separate cards in LoR that shed more light on her story. Cithria of Cloudfield features a young Cithria looking to make her way into Demacia’s elite warriors since she grew up with the stories of their adventures. Cithria the Bold showcases her in armor holding her hand high in the battlefield. The description of her second card also indicates her successes as a warrior and her thirst for more.

Though she has a Fiora vibe going on, Riot could certainly take advantage of her story to come up with a champion similar to Dota 2’s Tiny. Cithria could start the game as her young self and slowly grow up by leveling. This would give her a lot of design space since she has the potential to become completely a different champion when she reaches the maximum level.