New Pokemon Claydol Is Teased For Future Pokemon Sword And Shield DLC Or Nintendo Subscribers

New Pokemon Claydol Is Teased For Future Pokemon Sword And Shield DLC Or Nintendo Subscribers
Credit: Nintendo via Youtube

The powerhouse twin titles known as Pokemon Sword and its twin sister, Pokemon Shield, have unleased a field of chaos and confusion on the unsuspecting gaming community. Right now, what we are talking about is the death-defying nature of the series, one that will continue and live on and on and on for the rest of eternity it seems. There were many naysayers out there who thought Pokemon was a dying genre. Boy was those people absolutely and utterly wrong!

As it turns out, Pokemon is here and it is here to stay. We all saw it when it first came out, and we are continuing to see it as it unfurls its amorphous and sizeable body across the gaming landscape, enveloping everything it sees around itself. It is the behemoth, and we never realized it. If you are having a hard time following the metaphor, allow me to explain: Pokemon, the powerhouse engine that it is, is being sped forward by its continuous and nonstop DLC field. We are talking about newer and newer Pokemon that are practically dropping out of the sky at every turn.

One of the latest is the new Pokemon known as Claydol. It seems one cannot go a single week without being introduced to a new Pokemon, and one has to wonder: How many of these little furry and dangerous creatures can these fools make? The answer is simple: They will make as many as they can to continue siphoning the dollars out of your pocket. And you’ll pay for it too!

By grabbing yourself a subscription to the Nintendo Store Service, you can gain access to all of these Pokemon, and perhaps you will finally be able to complete your Pokedex. But the question is this: If they continue to add to the Pokedex, then will you ever really complete it? Of course not!

Claydol has the powers of an ancient force. It is 10,000 years old and was once a fossil or something. We are not entirely sure because the people at Nintendo are literally just making this stuff up! They hope you keep paying to keep catching those Pokemon, and you hope you do too.

In other words, if you believe yourself to be one of those few and rare megafans out there, then continue to keep catching all these Pokemon by paying for your DLC and subscription services like a good rube. For some of us, we knowingly admit our addiction, and how much we truly love it. Happy hunting, friends.