NAPP, Not Another Photorealistic Pack, May Just Be The Most Detailed Texture Pack Ever

NAPP, Not Another Photorealistic Pack, May Just Be The Most Detailed Texture Pack Ever
Credit: DelCieno

Minecraft is not new to the modding or texture modding scene, having a very active community of up to 126 million monthly users. Minecraft modders have created everything from PC’s that can run DOOM to even using a Minecraft Mod to build smarter AI. This wide modding and texture ability makes Minecraft perfect for any type of creator.

A user is creating what may be the most detailed texture pack for Minecraft called the Not Another Photorealistic Pack, or NAPP. The standard texture pack, which is included in Minecraft, offers a good amount of detail, but the NAPP texture pack offers a much higher level of detail.

This texture pack is being created by Miguel, who has started a Patreon to help support the development of this fantastic texture pack. On his Patreon, Minecraft players can join the official discord to get access to this fantastically detailed texture pack.

This diamond-block shows just how much work has gone into this texture pack, and the normal diamond texture doesn’t even come close to how fantastic this single block looks!

The glowing gems hidden in the cracked earth just look amazing. Miguel goes on to explain how to get this fantastic bright texture he improved the color and improved the specular map with an ‘iridescent’ touch to it!

The diamond block isn’t the only block that he improved, and he has changed almost every block in Minecraft to offer a much higher resolution on both color and design!

If users want to experience this mod pack first hand, the best way to experience it is by having the Real-time Ray Tracing turned on. That is because the Real-Time Ray Tracing allows this texture pack to show off all the work that has been put into it, from the differences in height on the stone bricks to the intricate design on the crafting table! The only downside is that while this pack may not cost a lot, RTX graphics card can get a bit pricey if you don’t already have one installed.

If you want to get a download to this fantastic texture pack, you’ll have to go to the NAPP (Not Another Photorealistic Pack) Patreon page and pledge at least Gold tier.

If you do choose to download this fantastic texture pack, you’ll see a slight framerate drop but not a noticeable difference during gameplay.