MSI Show Off New Face-Recognizing Gaming Monitor And More At Computex 2019

MSI Show Off New Face-Recognizing Gaming Monitor And More At Computex 2019
Credit: Engadget via Youtube

Between May 28th and June 1st, Computex 2019 was the event of the year for all the gaming hardware of our dreams. The event gave the gaming community a lot to take in, including an impressive monitor by MSI that will drop in a few months.

The MPG341CQR model is being labeled as artificial intelligence – and while this title is a little questionable in terms of the functions that the monitor performs, it definitely stands out for a myriad of features that make it smarter than your average gaming screen. In addition to being equipped with everything we want to see from a high-quality monitor – 144Hz refresh rate, 1ms response time, and an impressive 1800R curvature – the monitor also comes with facial recognition.

Tested directly at MSI’s spot at Computex 2019, this feature works by taking a picture of the user that the system holds onto and being able to detect and differentiate between faces. When doing so, the monitor can automatically switch computer profiles based on whoever’s face is detected. MSI showed off how quickly this process takes place during the event, showcasing how effective facial recognition can be when multiple people use a computer.

Technology is continually advancing and being able to login to your PC using your face is just another incredible milestone, but that’s not the only monitor that MSI showed off. According to the official MSI Twitter, “MSI first 4K gaming monitor, Optix #MAG321Curv offers immersive gaming experience that let you feel more real life than ever before.”

Monitors aren’t the only thing that MSI presented during Computex 2019. They also introduced the GT76 Titan, a high-performing laptop that combines stunning designs with hardware and graphics, and the GE65 Raider, another gaming laptop that boasts a beautiful display, an i9 processor by Intel, and some of the newest graphics from RTX.

MSI also showed off several new mice, motherboards, and a line of MSI Performance Gaming cases tailored to creating a cooler, less noisy gaming experience. Above all, the MEG Alchemy 700X case was the shining star of the lineup as the first-ever curved case. The incredible set-up allows users to design the interior layout in any order, making it one of the most innovative announcements at Computex 2019.

All-in-all, between effortlessly beautiful displays and a face-recognizing monitor, there’s a lot of exciting things coming from MSI, and it shouldn’t be too long before we get to see and experience more of them.