Battlefield V Is Removing Some Game Modes Along With Other Updates! Player Base Is Not A Fan Of This Change.

Battlefield V Is Removing Some Game Modes Along With Other Updates! Player Base Is Not A Fan Of This Change.
Credit: EA

Battlefield V has had problems in the community since the original release. The community grew but never reached the height that Battlefield 1 reached. Although it was less of the games fault and more fo the developers, the fans of the Battlefield series still pulled through and populated the games.

Four days ago the developers of Battlefield V released an update announcement on Reddit. The company has made many changes to the game in an attempt to help make a better environment for the players. This recent update has raised some concerns in the community as some of their favorite game modes will be leaving the game.

On the positive side, Battlefield V’s Armor has some new skins for weapons and returns with some previous skins for the soldiers. The Pit Crew skin is now shown as an Epic skin and is available for 750 BFC. In the original release of the skin in Battlefield V Overture, the skin was available and classified as Uncommon, but the developers say this bug was not intended.

The second update is the one that gained the attention of the community. The developers have decided to remove the dedicated playlists for Frontlines and Domination. Although both playlists were significantly less popular and less populated, they were favorites for some of the Battlefield community. The developers say they will be more proactive in removing modes that do not meet their expectations in terms of quality and try to provide more refreshed and new experiences like Rush, GRind, Fortress, and Outpost.

The Battlefield team offers that fans of Domination will be better served through Squad Conquest, which will be expanded to include Mercury, Narvik, and Devastation this Summer. Frontline will continue to exist in Grand Operations and will be joinable as a Grand Operation. The developers are looking at reintroducing Frontlines later as well as cycling the mode back into the game via Tides of War.

Conquest, Squad Conquest, and Team Deathmatch will remain untouched and will continue to be supported alongside the Tides of War. The developers will be focusing on Breakthrough and Grand Operations for the next set of updates. The developers will be working on Rank Increases, Stuttering, Performance, and other minor updates in the next week.

The community has voiced their displeasure in this decision in the comments below the update with many being upset that their game modes are being removed. Some users are voicing concerns that rather than having an emphasis on tactics that the previous Battlefields showed Battlefield V is moving towards a mindless meat-grinder feel.

We can only wait and see if these changes will be permanent or if the community will move to change EA and the Battlefield team’s decision.