MSI Deploys New Ryzen 3000 Firmware To Cut Boot Times And Improve All-Core Boosts

MSI Deploys New Ryzen 3000 Firmware To Cut Boot Times And Improve All-Core Boosts
Credit: Bitwit via YouTube

MSI will be deploying a new firmware for the AMD Ryzen 3000 series named the AGESA microcode. The update will be targeting the X570 motherboards and will include several adjustments and improvements to make the system even better.

The upcoming microcode-level update, which will focus on the CPU firmware, will not only improve an all-core clock speed boost for the Ryzen 3000-series microprocessor, but it will also make the boot times fasters.

The industry giant is also targeting the release of several firmware updates, including the AGESA Patch B, which will improve the microcode component of the X570 motherboard. The firmware update is said to provide a 20% boost on the motherboard’s boot times. Reports claim that MSI used two unbranded 8GB DDR4 memory modules and paired them with the AMD Ryzen 5 3600 CPU and the MEG X570 Godlike motherboard from MSI.

HKEPC, a Hong Kong-based tech media outlet, tested the latest firmware from MSI with an over-engineered MSI Godlike motherboard, and results showed the improvements were at par with what MSI has released.

AMD AGESA 1003ABBA vs 1004 啟動時間測試

AGESA 1003ABBA vs 1004 啟動時間測試==============================AMD 新版 AGESA 1004 微代碼除了提升了 Boost Clock 📈 時脈幅度外,同時亦縮減了⏳ 啟動所需時間,測試找來了 MSI X570 GodLike 主機板,可以看到相較舊版 AGESA 1003ABBA 有明顯改善啊🤘🏻 。==============================👀 想睇盡最新 IT 科技新聞、開箱及評測記得👍 HKEPC 專頁並設定 【🛎 搶先看/See First】MSI Gaming AMD #Toppc林老師測試報告 #PowerOnToBiosTest

Posted by HKEPC on Friday, October 25, 2019

Also, considering the factors it takes to boot a system into the Windows platform, both HKEPC and MSI measured the time difference on the motherboard’s BIOS-level. HKEPC was able to register 22 seconds of boot times on the AGESA microcode. While the new AGESA brought a 23.5% reduction, decreasing the boot times to just 26 seconds.

Several other boot-up sequences also showed a significant improvement, including the F10 Save and exit function, which showed a remarkable boost increase of 30.4%. This puts the boot up to BIOS function from 23 seconds to only 16 seconds.

This is not a surprising move from MSI as most gaming systems and tech devices are gearing up for the releases of demanding GPUs and motherboard releases. We will be expecting several launches this year and in the first quarter of 2020 from various designers and manufacturers next year.

We might also possibly get new firmware releases from other brands in the next couple of months in line with the new MSI microcode improvement. The firmware update is already out for the MSI X570 motherboard, and the tech giant is targeting the release of the update for the 400-Series by mid-November.

Several motherboards from the 400 and the 300-Series will have their turns up until the end of next month.