Monster Hunter: World’s Iceborne DLC Has Officially Sold More Than Five Million Units

Monster Hunter: World’s Iceborne DLC Has Officially Sold More Than Five Million Units
Credit: Capcom via YouTube

Since the release of Monster Hunter: World back in December of 2017, the title has grown massively in popularity. Now more than two years later, the game is still pushing its way into new records at a steady basis.

Back in September of 2019, the developers over at Capcom released a new DLC for the popular title, Iceborne. This new content opened up new zones, added new monsters to hunt, and brought a new level of gear to the fight as well. To be fair, there were a good amount of issues with the content (is there ever not?) in the way of glitches and bugs, but the DLC has still been remarkably popular.

As the months have progressed, the Iceborne DLC has sold a good number of copies – 5,000,000 of them, to be exact. Capcom recently announced the new milestone as they also discussed future plans.

So what caused such a high number of sales? If the DLC came out all the way back in September more than half a year ago from today, how is it still selling so many copies?

One of the many reasons for this is that the release was staggered between console and PC. Steam users only just recently were able to play it, as it wasn’t released for PC until January. This caused a sizeable upsurge in sales, as thousands of players were able to purchase it.

Of course, the second reason it’s selling so much is that it’s just so dang good. All in all, sales for the franchise are around 62,000,000 units, and still climbing. That’s a lot of people to hop onto a new DLC, no matter when the release comes.

“Capcom plans to carry out a number of initiatives to further cement the series position as a global brand,” Capcom said in their announcement, “such as with a Hollywood film adaptation of Monster Hunter, a first for the series, scheduled for a September 2020 release.”

It’ll be interesting to see how that movie ends up. Films based on video games are largely hit-or-miss, with there being significantly more flops than hits (looking at you, Mortal Kombat). Still, perhaps it’ll end up as one of the hits?

Either way, 5,000,000 units sold is a heck of a milestone, and it doesn’t seem like Capcom has any interest in slowing down. Monster Hunter: World  sees new updates and fixes nearly weekly as the developers work hard to ensure that things stay running, or are improved where they aren’t. With so much attention on the title, it’s easy to see why so many copies have been sold.