Minecraft Snapshot 20w30a Makes It Much Harder To Get Piglin Loot From Bastion Chests

Minecraft Snapshot 20w30a Makes It Much Harder To Get Piglin Loot From Bastion Chests
Credit: Mojang

Minecraft Snapshot 20w30a was released yesterday and one of the biggest changes is to how Mojang has made it more difficult for players to get hold of the Piglin’s awesome loot.

The chests dotted around the Bastion Remnants are a great source of loot, including all sorts of powerful items and tools. But if you open the chest, the Piglins will attack instantly.

However, some smart Minecraft players had managed to find a way around this mechanic. All they needed to do was destroy the block underneath the chest and connect a hopper.

The items would drop from the chest into the hopper and the Piglins would have no idea that their great loot had just been snatched from under their snouts.

Mojang was quick to respond. In this Snapshot 20w30a update, Remnant Chests will now be placed exclusively on Gilded Blackstone. Why is this important?

When you destroy or mine Gilded Blackstone, the Piglins are also alerted to your presence and will start to attack you. This means players can no longer use the hopper technique to get the loot easily from Remnant Chests.

There are still some tricky ways to get around this, such as using a piston to move the Gilded Blackstone or even using TNT to destroy it. Mojang is just making it more difficult to get into the loot without having to fight the Piglins.

Another smart way to get the loot out of the chest that requires hardly any work at all is to attach another chest to the remnant chest. Then you mine out an extra block and place the hopper on the double chest. Does it work? Check for yourself!

Snapshot 20w30a also introduces some other small changes that players are happy about. Lanterns and Soul Lanterns can now be waterlogged – that means you can place them underwater!

That’s what gives this snapshot its name – Light Up The Depths. This gives players brand new options for creating beautiful underwater scenery, and I bet it looks great with the new RTX mode.

There have also been some technical changes to respawn positioning and beds in the new Nether, they’re small changes but it should make players more comfortable respawning in the Nether without risk of exploding/falling into lava.