Hello Neighbor 2 Is Coming To The Xbox One, Xbox Series X, And Steam In 2021

Hello Neighbor 2 Is Coming To The Xbox One, Xbox Series X, And Steam In 2021
Credit: GameSpot Trailers via YouTube

Hello Neighbor was a pretty successful horror game that received a ton of praise when it first released in 2017.

Dynamic Pixels made a unique world where players got the chance to sneak into a neighbor’s house to uncover a dark secret, all while using stealth to avoid getting caught. The concept went over well, so much so that many naturally assumed a sequel would be on the horizon.

Well thanks to an official announcement trailer that debuted at today’s Xbox Series X gameplay showcase, a sequel is on the way. Hello Neighbor 2 will be available in 2021 for the Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and Steam.

This time, you’ll play as an investigative reporter named Quinten. There have been a series of strange disappearances in the town, which leaves Quinten at a seemingly abandoned house that’s being monitored by some strange creature.

Based on notes of gameplay, it looks like the game’s developer Eerie Guest Studios has elevated the series in meaningful ways. For example, now Raven Brooks has an open-world system that expands upon the explorative design found in the original.

Players will have to move throughout the various areas all while staying vigilant of the creature lurking about. You’ll be going back and forth from the house and the rest of Raven Brooks to find meaningful items and solve puzzles.

That’s not all. The AI will be much more dynamic. The creature playing the game’s main antagonist has dynamic navigation patterns. That means it will assess your movement and come up with a plan to foil your best efforts moving throughout the house. It’s a pretty interesting system that should keep you on your toes and on edge throughout the game’s main story.

Hello Neighbor was extremely popular and is still one of the more unique horror experiences to date. The developer has clearly taken feedback from the community and implemented the right changes in this sequel.

The announcement trailer shows snippets of gameplay, featuring Quinten moving about the house frantically while trying to evade the highly articulate creature. The first-person visuals add to the tension and so does the score playing in the background. The visuals stand out right away, featuring a charming aesthetic that contrasts perfectly with the tension.

Hello Neighbor 2 was definitely a surprise announcement for many at this latest Xbox Series X gameplay showcase. Who knows what else will be shown when it’s all said and done?