Minecraft Modder Got A Doom Video To Play On Minecraft Sheep, Which Is A Unique Way To Consume Content!

Minecraft Modder Got A Doom Video To Play On Minecraft Sheep, Which Is A Unique Way To Consume Content!
Credit: TreyZania Via YouTube

Minecraft’s popularity has only been rising during this pandemic and has gotten over 131 million active monthly players. This increase in popularity has led many new content creators and modders to look into Minecraft to create new and inventive experiences in Minecraft. These content creators can create unique experiences using the Minecraft marketplace.

One modder, jam1garner, has even modded Super Smash Bros. Ultimate; he modded the ability to get your custom skin as the Minecraft Steve skin, which is a way to make the player feel like Steve, their player that they’ve spent and played as in various Minecraft worlds/servers.

Modders are proficient in making mods for Minecraft; some mods range from aesthetic changes like new decorative blocks or even some mods that offer a new easier way to player Minecraft.

One example of the more useful mod is the Scannable mod; this mod allows players to locate ores with ease, making the Mining in Minecraft much easier.

A plugin that is less useful in completing Minecraft is a plugin that is still very interesting overall; Doom is a game that can run on a variety of different devices and screens, which can include pregnancy tests, even cash registers.

This plugin can only utilize a specially coded video file, which can then change the sheep color that allows Minecraft players to see the video. Treyzania created this plugin for monochrome color, but after numerous requests, it started to expand the plugin to offer more colors.

Treyzania expanded the plugin to work with all 16 possible sheep colors; this allows Doom to play on Minecraft’s sheep easily. This Plugin allows nearly any video (if converted to that specific video file) to play on Minecraft’s sheep.

Treyzania also made a fantastic meme using his Sheep screen plugin; he successfully Rick Rolled all of the video viewers. Showing off that more than Doom can play on this interesting and quite different screen.

Treyzania also stated that this video was recorded on the server, mc.bapcraft.org. This plugin was specifically written for this server, and anyone can enjoy this server at mc.bapcraft.org.

He also released this plugin on GitLab, which allows any person to implement this fantastic. Plugin with ease into their server, making their server incredibly unique when compared to other servers.