Minecraft Mobs Explored: Mooshroom, A Cow That Features Mushrooms On It’s Back But Still Has Milk To Give

Minecraft Mobs Explored: Mooshroom, A Cow That Features Mushrooms On It’s Back But Still Has Milk To Give
Credit: Mojang Studios

Minecraft has various mobs that fit into three different categories ranging from Hostile, Neutral, and Passive. These different categories all relate to how the mobs react towards the player and other mobs.

Hostile mobs will immediately begin to attack both various mobs and the player; these mobs are primarily stuck to a certain biome or only spawn in the night/shade. One example of a hostile mob is the Blaze, which is confined to the Nether, a totally separate dimension.

Neutral mobs neither attack nor help the player; these mobs primarily want to be left alone and don’t require any input or action. These mobs are like the Minecraft Bat, which doesn’t even drop any EXP orbs or items for the players.

Passive mobs which can be tamed and help the player with ease. These mobs, like the Minecraft Wolf, when tamed, can follow around the player and help attack mobs, which can keep the player safe from Zombies, Skeletons, and other Hostile Mobs.

Many overlook a Neutral mob is the Mooshroom, which has an appearance similar to the standard Minecraft cows; the main difference is the color scheme. The Mooshroom has an overall red coloring and even has mushrooms growing on its back.

One interesting fact about this mob is that when it’s hit by lightning, the coloring changes from red to a brown color scheme. This brown color scheme changes the mushrooms from the Red Mushrooms to the Brown Mushrooms.

The Mooshroom can feature both mushrooms; players with both the red and brown Mooshrooms can easily create mushroom stew whenever needed.

Players will need to breed the Mooshrooms before using them to create the mushroom stew; to breed Mooshroom, players will need a piece of wheat.

When the player shears a Mooshroom, it will drop five mushrooms of whichever color scheme the mob currently has, then the Mooshroom will transform into a regular Minecraft cow.

An interesting fact is when sheared, there is a small chance that the Mooshroom will split into two cows rather than creating just a single cow.

A Mooshroom features a total of ten health points, or a total of five hearts, and can drop anything from Raw Beef, Mushrooms, Leather, Milk, Mushroom Stew, or even Suspicious Stew. These various drops make breeding and farming Mooshrooms a perfect choice for any Minecraft.