Minecraft Dungeon Fan Art Looks Fantastic And May Change How You See The Arch-Illager

Minecraft Dungeon Fan Art Looks Fantastic And May Change How You See The Arch-Illager
Credit: Mojang Studios

Minecraft fan art has always taken various forms and looks fantastic for anyone who may be in the market for a new wallpaper for their desktop. Getting a Steve and Alex wallpaper may make your PC a bit more customized.

Minecraft’s Arch-Illager is the main enemy to the popular game of Minecraft Dungeons, and while he may be the villain of that game. He has been getting noticed by some of the more artistically talented Minecraft players.

Minecraft Dungeons is a highly popular game, having beaten out Animal Crossing for three months in June as the most purchased game on Nintendo’s eShop.

If Minecraft wasn’t known for its blocky design or if Minecraft Dungeons didn’t follow the same style that Minecraft had, this may be the version of the Arch-Illager we could’ve gotten. This is because everything in this drawing is rounded.

Hergen_lul’s Arch-Illager offers a rounded design, which is considerably different from the standard Arch-Illager.

This includes the head and the Arch-Illager’s staff, which shows his iconic glowing red orb of power. This red glow is a bit different from the standard Arch-Illager’s glow but gives this villain a bit more of a menacing design when compared. This Arch-Illager is a small mob, but the menacing stare makes him look 10 ft tall.

The second Arch-Illager fan art follows closer to the original design of Minecraft Dungeons but offers a retro style. Making the Arch-Illager into a pixel art character makes it seem like he should be an enemy in an old sonic game.

xndARTSREAL’s Arch-Illager is a different take; this art style makes the Arch-Illager perfect for a Retro game similar to Sonic or Mario!

The shading and overall design look fantastic, and I would love to see him in a retro-styled game. This fan art shows the Arch-Illager angry, most likely at the player for thwarting his evil plan!

The final fanart takes the Arch-Illager in another different style, being made from Legos. This fan art isn’t drawn and brings the villain into the real world as he plans and sees how he can gain even more power.

Oscar G’s Arch-Illager has begun to invade the real world!

Some modifications to the Lego blocks were required to bring Minecraft Dungeons Arch-Illager to life, and he seems to be wearing a much more business-orientated suit when compared to his normal kingly attire.