Leaks Of Season 11 Battle Pass For Call Of Duty: Mobile Surfaced Ahead Of Its Anniversary Update

Leaks Of Season 11 Battle Pass For Call Of Duty: Mobile Surfaced Ahead Of Its Anniversary Update
Credit: Call of Duty Mobile

Fans of the Call of Duty: Mobile just can’t let the upcoming anniversary update alone. Leaks of the data for the season 11 battle pass has surfaced on the web as Activision countdowns the release in four days from today. If these were to be believed, the soldier might shape the game’s future and all its other titles.

What most players don’t know is that two companies publish the mobile FPS game. Activision handles the global release, while Garena handles southeast Asia. The contents of them are the same, for the most part. The leaks, however, came from the social media accounts of the aforementioned company.

The unofficial Twitter account named Call of Duty Mobile News shared the four soldiers’ image in the battle pass. It writes, “So this is the Season 11 Battle Pass! No Ghost in it. So we can expect it to be in Event or Paid!” As always, with these leaks or data mines, they are not always guaranteed to be the exact release; they may not even be close to the real thing. But at least, for now, fans of CoDM have something to quench their thirst.

The image appears to boasts neon-like pink and purple hues. It seems to be fairly colorful compared to other releases from Activision. Perhaps the company is taking a page from Fortnite‘s playbook in that realm. One of them has been revealed to be named Scylla, Future Vice. The skins themselves are colorful, as well, sporting pinks, violets, and green. Fans are rejoicing as these are skins not even remotely close to what the game has now.

The community has also learned of the three weapon skins featured on the image. They are named the KRM-262: Point and Click, QQ9: Neon Grunge, and the AK117: Neon Lotus. The official Twitter page of the game also teased a new weapon tier. Right now, the mobile game has five: common, uncommon, rare, epic, and legendary. On the tweet, it has a question mark after legendary that suggests something will be coming. They continue, “What’s next? Stick around to find out! Coming to #CODMobile in the next season!”

The 11th season of the Call of Duty: Mobile has been confirmed by Activision to be on October 14 at 7 P.M. CST. The developers have also verified that new features such as scorestreak, game mode, and a map – the Modern Warfare‘s King – will come to the game.