Line Games’ Dragon Flight Mobile Game Now Available Again In North America

Line Games’ Dragon Flight Mobile Game Now Available Again In North America
Credit: Dragon Flight via Play Store

Line Games has launched the global version of Dragon Flight on iOS and Android. The game was previously released eight years ago in South Korea. A few years ago, the game was made available in English, but Line Games removed the English localization. The game is now available again for English language readers.

Dragon Flight is a flying game where players attack enemies with magic to move further. Players can level up their skills and use gears or Hatchlings to survive against obstacles and enemies. The game has a brief 5-second tutorial to introduce the mechanics before players jump in.

The game has easy control with a vertical display. Players hold their devices with one hand while guiding their character with the other hand or with their thumb. It’s an ideal title for someone who only wants to use one hand.

Dragon Flight states that users can swipe left or right to maneuver their character and Hatchling to avoid a shower of bullets and enemies. They will also need to swerve to grab gold and items on the screen.

Dragon Flight features a ranking system with friends. Players can invite their friends to play the game and see who ranks higher. Other competitive mods include League battles, Squad Duels, and an Arena to fight other teams.

Line Games is helping newcomers to the game with several free in-game items. All players have to do is start the “Beginner Quest” and “Special Supply” to begin obtaining their bonus items.

Line Games has launched the English social media pages for the game. On the page, players can learn about upcoming events and bonus opportunities in the future.

Line Games has announced some of the launch events:

Celebrating the game’s global launch, LINE Games will carry out a number of festive events: Legendary (three-star) Hatchling ‘Eight’ and Legendary Weapon ‘Global Launch Spear’ will be given to all players, as well as two new costumes ‘Strawberry Cake Dress’ and ‘Blueberry Cake Suit’.

Dragon Flight is free to download but has in-app purchases. The purchases are for the in-game currency “Gems” and come in different packages.

Dragon Flight has been well-received since it was launched in South Korea. The game has over 25 million downloads since 2012 and holds a record number of 8.3 million players.

Dragon Flight is now available for iOS and Android.