League Of Legends Patch 9.18 Finally Launched And Comes With New Star Guardian Skins

League Of Legends Patch 9.18 Finally Launched And Comes With New Star Guardian Skins
Credit: League of Legends via YouTube

Fans have been anticipating the launched of League of Legends patch 9.18, and finally, it is here. Aside from the new Star Guardian skins that come with the latest patch, a new animated trailer was released.

League of Legend is a combat multiplayer game that is developed and published by the Riot Games. This game supports both Windows and macOS. Since the launched of the game back in 2009, its popularity has grown over the years.

The release of the latest patch, version 9.18, comes with a fantastic animated trailer. Even though the Burning Bright and A New Horizon that was released back in 2016 and 2017, respectively, have the anime-themed inclination, this year’s video trailer offers a different feel on the table. The trailer is named Light and Shadow.

The animated trailer’s intro starts with Neeko sprinting through a ruined temple as if trying to run away from being an attack. Soon after, flashy attacks are release by Xayah, who releases several feathers to bring down the Curious Chameleon. A few minutes into the trailer have shown the high-quality and beautiful visual output by the developer.

Several seconds of a high-paced and exciting battle between Xayah and Neeko are shown before the entrance of Rakan, Xayah’s romantic partner.

Neeko has shown an exciting illusion by transforming into Xayah for a short while before successfully slipping out of the two and running away. After which the thrilling battle is ended for a short while when Rakan lovingly embraces Xayah. But as Xayah regains consciousness, she pushed Rakan aside and starts chasing Neeko again.

Getting back to Neeko that is trying to escape, it seems that another character has emerged to stop her. The one that thwarted her escape is Zoe. Zoe uses her teleportation power to teleport all four of them back to the same place.

Zoe’s action forced Neeko to release her ult. With a beautiful well-fit soundtrack at the background, together with a beautiful combination of color effects, these few seconds give out to one of the game’s most trippy animated sequences ever released.

As the video heads towards the end, a short battle between Zoe and Neeko commences. When it seems that Neeko is almost corrupted, the Star Guardian Ahri appears to save the day while holding her three baubles that made its first appearance last year.

Indeed, Riot’s once again shown the high standards with impressive animated sequence and excellent soundtrack in this short 3 minutes video trailer.