League Of Legends Music Group K/DA Will Debut A New Song With Seraphine At League Worlds 2020

League Of Legends Music Group K/DA Will Debut A New Song With Seraphine At League Worlds 2020
Credit: Image via Riot Games

League of Legends’ popular K-pop group K/DA will be debuting a new song on-stage at the 2020 World Championship, Riot Games announced recently.

Toa Dunn, the head of Riot Music Group, revealed during the Worlds 2020 media preview that K/DA will be performing a new song at the tournament with a special guest appearance by rising musical sensation and rumored future League champion, Seraphine.

There’s been much discussion around Seraphine after a leak revealed her as the next champion to release following Samira, the Desert Rose. A mysterious social media account then surfaced that was supposedly run by an up-and-coming musical artist named Seraphine.

Not much is known about League‘s potential next two champions, but the “sensational mage” description Riot provided earlier this year does match up with various clues on social media. Accounts on Twitter, Instagram, and SoundCloud all have the name Seraphine with “seradotwav” as its handle and were created around June 2020.

In Seraphine’s Twitter bio, she describes herself as “an aspiring songwriter and producer” who has “big dreams,” which lines up with the “sensational” description. She mostly posts pictures of herself, retweeting various art and posting some of her new music. In one of her pictures, she’s posing with a cat but also has a plush version of Tibbers in the background.

On her SoundCloud, Seraphine posted a cover of ARY’s “Childhood Dreams” as her first official musical release. The original artist also retweeted the song. And when she was asked if she had any connection to League, her reply was that she was “just happy [Seraphine] wanted to cover my song,” and said “her version is amazing.”

Seraphine’s accounts have accrued thousands of new followers in the span of a couple of days, which has prompted her to release some appropriate thank-you tweets. She posts regular, everyday updates that make it seem like she’s just a normal singer looking for her big shot in the music industry.

The singer had Twitter and Instagram accounts, complete with selfies and photos that she had “taken” herself. She also had a SoundCloud where she’s dropped two tracks. One was a cover of “Childhood Dreams” by ARY and another was a cover of “POP/STARS” by K/DA.

Eventually, she was “discovered” by K/DA, and on Sept. 4, the two groups confirmed that they’d be collaborating together. Seraphine also said she’ll be helping to produce their album, while even featuring on a track—the same track that we’ll probably be hearing at Worlds this year.

Fans should expect big things from K/DA’s second performance at a World Championship tournament and people should be excited to get a first look at Seraphine in action.