Week 5, Monday Night League Overview, And Summary Of League Championship Series 2020 By Scairtin

Week 5, Monday Night League Overview, And Summary Of League Championship Series 2020 By Scairtin
Credit: Riot Games via YouTube

The fifth week of LCS was explosive.

Cloud 9 is crushing every single opponent, while other teams struggle to pick up wins.

Team Liquid vs Dignitas

Sett / Lee Sin / Zoe / Miss Fortune / Braum vs Pantheon / Jarvan IV / Viktor / Varus / Tahm Kench

Team Liquid got revenge after their loss on Sunday. Broxah picked his signature pick Lee Sin and showed a beautiful performance. His vision coverage alongside support for his laners, gave them possibility to snowball and secure objectives.

Dignitas seemed to be able to secure early objectives in Cloud Dragon and first Rift Herald, but this did not transition into much pressure on the laners of Team Liquid.

Team Liquid on other side after giving up early objectives, secured 3 Dragons: 1 Ocean, 2 Infernals, the second Rift Herald and two Baron Nashors.

While the game could’ve went much easier for Team Liquid, Dignitas did put a lot of stops to their plan and delayed the game for as much as possible, but it was not enough for them to come back and Team Liquid eventually picked up the win after a beautiful insec play from Broxah on Lee Sin.

Team Solo Mid vs Evil Geniuses

Ornn / Lee Sin / Syndra / Tristana / Taric vs Sett / Sejuani / Le’Blanc / Ezreal / Braum

Team Solo Mid are rounding up as a clear contender for the 2nd spot behind Cloud 9. While other teams are losing left and right, having good and bad games, Team Solo Mid have had a clear transition from the first weeks. They keep improving on a weekly basis, their drafts are better, their players seem to communicate more and play more as a team rather than solo que players.

Kobbe seems to mash up much better in this TSM roster than Zven. Zven on the other hand seems to mash up better with the Cloud 9 rosters. Overall the offseason for both squads was good, as they’ve upgraded their ADC role.

Dardoch seems to have improved heavily over the past year as well, after spending 1 year in the NA Academy League. His synergy with his mid laner is really good and allows them to secure early vision in the enemy jungle, giving more time to breath to other lanes.

If Team Solo Mid can keep up improving, they might be able to contest the top standing of Cloud 9. Even though Cloud 9 is undefeated and TSM had some early loses in the first week, they still have a shot if Cloud 9 fall into a sudden slump.

This was all for Monday Night League week 5, stay tuned for more in the next weeks!