LCS – Cloud9 Swept Evil Geniuses in League Championship Series Summer Split 2020 Playoffs

LCS – Cloud9 Swept Evil Geniuses in League Championship Series Summer Split 2020 Playoffs
Credit: LoL Esports via YouTube

After three hectic matches, Cloud9 have kept their playoff and League of Legends World Championship dreams alive by sweeping Evil Geniuses out of the 2020 LCS Summer Playoffs.

The entire series was bloody, with each side collecting several kills. The first game was especially messy; Evil Geniuses grabbed three Baron buffs but couldn’t successfully siege the enemy team’s base. As a result, C9 outscaled their opponents and took the victory after an exhausting 46 minutes.

Veteran top laner Huni would start off a few of the games well enough, but EG struggled to find any success in the series as they would progress into the mid-to-late stages of their matches.

C9 played their teamfights a bit better than EG but still made some positional mistakes in skirmishes that could have costed them more if they were playing against another team like Team Liquid or FlyQuest. Fights were messy and uncoordinated at times, and they should look to sharpen up their play for the next series.

Still, C9’s hopes of a Worlds berth remain intact, and they still have some time to clean up their play before they face off against the winner of TSM vs. Golden Guardians.

Evil Geniuses, on the other hand, will need to make some big decisions in the coming months, since they now have plenty of time to think about possible roster and staff adjustments for 2021.

Recently, Cloud9 parted ways with their headcoach Reapered as well.

In his tenure as coach, Reapered has led Cloud9 through plenty of ups and downs, but even the most jaded of fans are forced to admit that there have been many, many more ups for the titanic team. Having played for the team before coaching them, Reapered has had a hand in much of the organization over the last decade.

While the team had declined a bit during the second half of Summer, they still came into a strong finish, going second in the split and fourth in the playoffs. With no clear reason as to why Reapered would be departing, many are wondering why.

As a result, social media is abuzz with rumors – which, given that the news dropped a couple of hours ago as of writing this, one would expect. Many believe that he’s departing the team to fulfill his mandatory military requirement.

However, at the end of the video that Cloud9 released interviewing him, he directly states at the end that he will be looking for another team.