PROJECT 2019 Event Comes To League Of Legends: New Skins, Emotes, Event Pass And More

PROJECT 2019 Event Comes To League Of Legends: New Skins, Emotes, Event Pass And More
Credit: League of Legends via Youtube

Riot Games, the monster gaming company behind League of Legends, is known for hosting various LoL events throughout the year, which balances bringing new content to the game in a fun and interactive way.

Following a recent Arcade event, now players can participate in PROJECT 2019 in conjunction with the addition of the six new PROJECT skins for Pyke, Akali, Jinx, Warwick, and Irelia.

PROJECT: PYKE is a legendary skin, which costs 1820 RP, while PROJECT: IRELIA, PROJECT: AKALI, PROJECT: JINX, and PROJECT: WARWICK are Epic skins, which cost 1350 RP each.

The event also includes new PROJECT-themed icons, borders, chromas, ward skins, emotes, and merchandise added to the Riot Games online store for players who want to dive into all things PROJECT.

Perhaps the most fun part about League of Legends events comes with completing special missions.

There are two ways to do this – the free route available to all players and using the Event Pass.

For free, players can complete enough missions to “secure 300 PROJECT 2019 Tokens, a PROJECT 2019 Orb, the We Remember Icon, and the PROJECT Corp Icon” over the course of four weeks.

For 1650 RP, purchasing the Event Pass unlocks access to even more missions and the opportunity to “earn unlimited PROJECT 2019 Tokens, redeemable for exclusive content in the event store.”

The Pass automatically grants a special icon, 4 Orbs, 200 Tokens, and bonus Tokens for regular missions. It also allows players to access “exclusive milestone missions” to grant Prestige Points, which is another way to utilize the event shop.

Players using the Event Pass will be granted a set number of PROJECT Tokens per loss or win on Summoner’s Rift, Howling Abyss, and Teamfight Tactics.

The event shop is stocked full of fun purchases, with the most expensive being PROJECT: IRELIA PRESTIGE EDITION at 2000 Tokens. PROJECT borders and icons for the new skins cost 250 Tokens each, while Chromas for each champion cost 300 Tokens each.

The new Project Reckoning Ward will cost 125 RP and themed emotes will be 75 Tokens each.

In addition to all of the interactive qualities of the PROJECT 2019 Event, the Summoner’s Rift map has been updated with PROJECT-themed minions, which can be optionally disabled in the game’s video settings.

Despite all of the remarkable features for the event, as many players have pointed out, Riot didn’t go ahead and reinstate the PROJECT: Overcharge game mode, which accompanied a previous PROJECT event. Many League of Legends fans are disappointed with the decision to opt-out of including this since the mode hosts a different map and fun gameplay potential.

Nonetheless, the PROJECT 2019 Event will go on until September 2nd, which gives players more than enough time to play their favorite game modes and acquire as many Tokens as they can to spend in the shop.