Kobbe Returns To Europe From Team Solo Mid, Joins Misfits Gaming’s Starting Roster Instead Of Bvoy

Kobbe Returns To Europe From Team Solo Mid, Joins Misfits Gaming’s Starting Roster Instead Of Bvoy
Credit: Riot Games via YouTube

After spending a single season across the Atlantic in North America, Kobbe is heading back home to Europe. The 23-year-old has joined Misfits Gaming and will serve as the team’s starting AD carry for the 2020 LEC Summer Split, the organization announced today.

Kobbe recently spent the 2020 Spring Split in the LCS with TSM, a move that had many NA fans buzzing about the future of the perennial NA champions. But inconsistency plagued the roster throughout the split, with multiple losses to lower-seeded teams.

“Unfortunately, it became apparent as the season progressed that the synergy within the bot lane—and between the bot lane and the rest of the team—was not developing fast enough to keep up with the top duos in the league,” TSM said.

TSM finished the season in fifth place with a 9-9 record and was eventually eliminated by FlyQuest in the second round of the postseason losers bracket. Once again, TSM felt the bitter sting of an early exit from the playoffs.

During the offseason, TSM got the rare opportunity to acquire superstar ADC Doublelift from Team Liquid. The team jumped at the chance, saying that “while it wouldn’t address all [their] issues, Doublelift’s leadership and existing synergy with Bjergsen and Biofrost would be a better fit for [the] team.”

Meanwhile, Kobbe will be joining a young Misfits squad that showed plenty of promise last spring. His experience should provide plenty to a roster that’s hungry for success after coming up short against Rogue in the first round of the postseason. Along with veteran mid laner Febiven, Kobbe will try to lead this fiery group to a deeper playoff run this summer. While Kobbe was not the main reason TSM had a poor showing this split, it’s interesting to see how he will perform back on home soil. He was one of the best ADCs before he left and many people expected him to get onto a top tier team once Splyce disbanded. Hopefully, he doesn’t get demoralized by this situation and returns to his previous form to become one of the best ADCS Europe has to offer once again.

Going forward, more European players will be wary before joining TSM considering the latest roster changes. There are signs of nepotism in the team based on the analysis by the community’s respected members and experts, which shows TSM preference of certain players regardless of the situation in the league.

The 2020 LEC Summer Split begins on June 12.