Latest The Sims 4 Update Is Causing Save Game Crashes And Other Firey Issues

Latest The Sims 4 Update Is Causing Save Game Crashes And Other Firey Issues
Credit: SimsCommunity via YouTube

The Sims 4 has recently rolled out a new update on June 3rd. The update contained several major additions to the base game, such as bringing back two NPCs, to prepare for the upcoming launch of Eco Lifestyle.

Unfortunately, with all-new Sims updates, there are some issues. Most of them affect PC players who choose not to buy the console version because of the active modding scene. Mods, more often than not, break when a new update occurs. Cosmetics like custom content are usually safe, but mods change the gameplay, so they need an update before playing.

Before the game starts, mods are turned off by default, so players can update their mods before launching The Sims 4. Not updating can cause significant issues, and at worst, can break the game.

It seems that players, especially those using Origin, are experiencing major issues anyway.

Quality Designer on The Sims 4 Live Operations team, SimGuruNick, has announced the team is working on resolving the save game issues. Players who try to load an existing family, even without mods, are unable to play them. At worst, the game is crashing, causing major issues to previous save games. Currently, The Sims community is recommending that others start a new game.

Another issue is occurring during gameplay but is more humorous than game-breaking. When Sims are relieving themselves, they’re leaving behind a toilet filled with fire. Some believe this is due to Sims who are feeling “Tense,” but it’s not known for sure. Once the Sim is finished with their business, the fire is extinguished.

Players experiencing any other major issues can report them on the Answers EA website. Others are using social media to direct problems to The Sims Gurus, but are asked to be patient while the developers work out any issues.

Eco Lifestyle is the newest expansion pack coming to The Sims 4. The new EP has an “eco” focus and will add a new world and gameplay additions. The update added an icon in the world menu in preparation for the upcoming release.

It’s unknown when a patch to resolve the issues in the June 3rd patch will be released. Some players are waiting for the launch of Eco Lifestyle on June 5th, which may cause even more issues. A third patch after June 5th may be necessary to fix more issues within the previous updates.