Konami’s Mini Consoles Delayed Due To Manufacturing Company Suspending Business

Konami’s Mini Consoles Delayed Due To Manufacturing Company Suspending Business
Credit: PC Engine Mini Website

Konami previously announced the launch line of mini-consoles. They included the PC Engine mini, PC Engine Core Grafx mini, and TurboGrafx-16 mini. The consoles were scheduled to launch soon but quickly faced an issue that many in the video game industry are suffering from COVID-19, otherwise known as the coronavirus.

Konami formally announced that the companies manufacturing these consoles had suspended business amid the rising concern of the spreading virus. The delay also affected accessories related to the mini-consoles, such as the Turbo Pad.

Similar to other mini-consoles, they would include several games without the hassles of discs or other issues that plagued the original consoles.

The consoles look different but have similarities. What gamers in North America know as the TurboGrafx-16 mini was known as the PC Engine mini in Japan and the PC Engine Core Grafx mini in Europe. They are all modeled after Hudson Soft’s TurboGrafx-16.

The consoles emulate the original console’s 16-bit games. Konami previously released the final lineup of games that would be released on each mini console. The lineup was announced in a video on Konami’s official YouTube channel.

Some of the titles that will be included on the mini-consoles are Splatterhouse, Galaga ‘88, Tengai Maikyo 2, Tokimeki Memorial, and more. The PC Engine Core Grafx mini and TurboGrafx-16 mini also included Turbo functions. There are at least 57 games on all three consoles, with the PC Engine mini having 58 games.

Players can hook up the mini consoles into bigger screens to enjoy 16-bit games from the past. The list of games includes several that may not have been accessible in every country in English when they were launched.

The consoles were scheduled to launch on March 19, 2020, but now the release dates have been pushed back until further notice.

While the news is disappointing, it’s not a surprise with the current COVID-19 virus spreading across the world. Some businesses are being asked to pause production for precautionary measures for their workers. Other manufacturers have also reported shortages in products in certain markets, such as the Nintendo Switch.

Konami hasn’t set a timeframe of when the mini consoles will go back in production. The company will make the announcement on their official news channels when the decision has been finalized.