Just Die Already Is A New Sandbox Mayhem Game From The Famed Designer Of Goat Simulator

Just Die Already Is A New Sandbox Mayhem Game From The Famed Designer Of Goat Simulator
Credit: DoubleMoose via Steam XO

Armin Ibrisagic, the designer of the insanely successful Goat Simulator, has announced Just Die Already from his studio DoubleMoose. Get ready for more ridiculous fun in a sandbox game filled with explosions, fireworks, and old people.

In this bizarre world, senior citizens compete in order to reserve their place in the “World’s Nicest Retirement Home.” Use crazy tools, contraptions, and thinking as you slowly work out ways to claim the fabled golden ticket and push your elder to the limit.

This is the older person sandbox game where you play as an old crazy pissed off senior citizen who has just been kicked out of their retirement home. Only be completing challenges can you reach the relaxation that you deserve in your old age.

In this twist on the near future, people are not having children. This means that in your old age, there is no one to pay your living cost and like everyone else you have to survive on your own.

Can you qualify for free retirement care or will you break under the pressure of these crazy challenges?

Become an old person. You are angry, fragile, poor, and hate the world. Discover the joy of being old as you break every bone in your body. As a fragile elder your mission is immediately to jump downstairs, and complete dangerous stunts.

As you complete the challenges you get closer to qualifying for a proper retirement home. You can take on the world with up to four players in online multiplayer, or solo through the game and succeed on your own. The choice is yours.

Interact with countless objects and vehicles. From giant trouts to fireworks players will cause chaos and destroy a small neighborhood in the hope for retirement. All the NPCs will act differently depending on their age, and sometimes your only option is to air horn them until they go away.

Similar to Goat Simulator, the game comes with a detailed environment loaded with secrets and hidden paths. Experiment and explore for a chance to see the entire world.

Interested fans can find Just Die Already available on Steam. The game is already up for wishlist with some awesome clips, screenshots, and gifs showing off the chaos within this title. Make sure to follow the developer on social media for more information about this upcoming title. Embrace your inner senior and earn your way into retirement.