Intel Claimed To Bring Dramatic Changes In Its Upcoming Launches Of X-Series And HEDT

Intel Claimed To Bring Dramatic Changes In Its Upcoming Launches Of X-Series And HEDT
Credit: Jarrod'sTech via YouTube

Intel has been promising to create the best CPUs for gaming and recently, has further increased its stakes by claiming that the company has “dramatic changes” in the coming months. This claim pertains to the release of X-series and latest core i90-9900KS that will allegedly give a massive impact on the high-end desktop (HEDT) line.

For years, AMD has been the biggest competition for Intel and continuously getting the upper hand in terms of performance and cost. Recently, the former’s Zen 2 CPUs that can process up to 12 core/24-threads further heat up the battle and upped the competition to a higher level.

Intel has addressed the issues of relevancy on some benchmark that seems to be giving AMD’s processors an upper hand. The former claimed that the benchmarks in question have questionable practicality on the majority of the users. They also claimed further that when it comes to bringing the best performance in real life, particularly in the gaming world, they still have an edge.

These claims hold some truth, especially when it comes to gaming, even if AMD has the upper hand in terms of budget.

The soon-to-be-launched Core i9-9900KS is a processor that is capable of reaching up to 5GHz on all cores. This latest Core did share a lot of similarity to its predecessors, the Core i9-9900K, considering that it is the binned model of the latter. When it comes to gaming, the former indeed is the fastest.

The upcoming Core will without a doubt improve Intel’s stand against AMD’s Ryzen 7 and 9 family, though it still might not be enough to beat down the Ryzen 9.

During the IFA 2019 event in Berlin, the company revealed that this superior Core would be released in October, but its price has yet to be officially announced.

In the lines of HEDT, Intel is planning to launch its latest Core X family or the X-series CPUs. The company will launch this latest product under Cascade X CPUs with a significantly lower price per Core as compared to its previous offer.

Though the company has made a bold statement of bringing out the dramatic changes in its upcoming launches, it has not revealed any specific details with regard to this matter. Nevertheless, the company did claim to give a better performance, double that of the performance of the previous generation per dollar.
Even so, AMD has not backed down and plans to release the next generation of Threadrippers.

Which one will stand ahead of the other? This is certainly a battle that people will keep an eye on for years to come.