Human Head Studios’ Rune II To Finally Release On Epic Games Store This November

Human Head Studios’ Rune II To Finally Release On Epic Games Store This November
Credit: Human Head Studios via YouTube

Rune II finally has scheduled to be officially released this November 12 on Epic Games Store.

The game that is developed and published by Human Head Studios is an epic Viking-themed action RPG where the gods, beastly creatures, and the last standing humans are struggling to stay alive. It takes place at the end of days in a dangerous universe called the Norse.

Ragnarok has caused the surviving inhabitants to go crazy. Only the most ferocious warrior can survive the battle against bandits, cannibals, monstrous creatures, and many more. Press against a limited time; players need to stop the fraudster Loki from destructing Midgard as soon as possible.

Players will play as the Midgard’s savior who was chosen by the gods. They will get an option to select either one of the three Norse gods to pledge their allegiance, namely Hel, Odin, and Thor. The players will obtain the god’s blessing with strong powers as they set out on an adventure towards the end of Ragnarok.

The game’s new trailer gives a glimpse of what to expect with the subsequent of the original game, Human Head’s Rune 2000. Depending on which god the players choose to serve, players will have different types of powers.

Players that choose to serve the Norse god Hel, for example, grants them the power to summon a wave of dreadful-looking ice spike from the floor. On the other hand, players that pick Thor will get the all-powerful fearsome hammer, Mjölnir, which is produced from lightning.

Though it is not exactly clear as to what type of powers the god Odin will bless the players, it can be seen that a swarm of ravens was flying around during the fast-paced intro of the trailer. Perhaps the players will gain the power of summoning the ravens when they serve Odin.

Moreover, the players can choose to play the game alone or collaborate with other players as they travel around the world, gathering rare items and engage in a vicious battle with the troops of Loki’s underlings. Plus, they need to locate valuable artifacts to subdue the Realm Gate as well as create the strongest weapons ever existed in the Nine Realms.

Since the game is created around Viking themes, players will become a Viking and do plenty of ax-swinging throughout the game.

Interested players can pre-purchase the game on Epic Games Stores. It is available in three different editions, namely the Warrior pack, the God Slayer pack, and the Berserker Rage edition.