Halloween Pass For Red Dead Online Will Be Used Again This Year

Halloween Pass For Red Dead Online Will Be Used Again This Year
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The scary season has arrived for cowpokes in Red Dead Online, but fans may be disappointed that Rockstar is re-releasing the Halloween Pass and events from last year rather than introducing new content.

Rockstar has announced that Red Dead Online would not receive large-scale themed content releases like in past years. This comes after more than a year of virtually little content. However, the Halloween Pass 2, which contains the same 15 ranks and awards as the previous year, is back to keep its word. You can scare people a little more when you rustle cattle or go on a bounty hunt if you wear a frightful mask, wear garments covered in blood, or use other horrific accessories.

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In any case, there is some encouraging news. Those who did not finish Halloween Pass 2 last year will pick up right where they left off, while those who do will receive the new Hired Gun Kit, which contains the Fierro Bandana, bundles of ammo and consumables, and Capitale worth 5 Gold Bars. For those that finished Halloween Pass 2 last year, the Hired Gun Kit will be sent out immediately.

Additionally, the two Featured Series, Fear of the Dark and Dead of the Night, set around Halloween, will return to Red Dead Online. The All Hallows Call to Arms event challenges players to safeguard freeholds from waves of foes. The All Hallows Call to Arms event will feature three new maps this year: the Heartland Oil Fields, Limpany, and the Saint-Denis Graveyard.

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In addition to the usual double RDO$ and XP awards, players will receive six times as much this time. The weeks of Dead of Night and Fear of the Dark will alternate throughout October, with Dead of Night occurring from October 4-10 and 18-24 and Fear of the Dark occurring from October 11-17 and 18-24.