God Of War Director Cory Barlog Was Hinting At God Of War: Ragnarok Back In 2019 On Twitter In A Secret Message

God Of War Director Cory Barlog Was Hinting At God Of War: Ragnarok Back In 2019 On Twitter In A Secret Message
Credit: IGN via YouTube

Cory Barlog is one of the most well known game directors in the industry, and for good reason.

He has an impressive resume dating back to the first God of War games on the PlayStation 2.

Barlog became more widely known after the release of 2018’s God of War, in which he returned to the franchise to revitalize it and give it a soft reboot for modern audiences.

His Twitter is also a treasure.

Whether he’s geeking out for some of his favorite games or sharing fanart, Barlog is always entertaining and positive on a platform that can all too often be overwhelmingly negative.

It turns out, Barlog was using his Twitter for more than just pictures of Kratos and Atreus hanging out with the characters from The Last of Us.

After the teaser trailer for God of War 5, which many are calling God of War: Ragnarok, fans went back and reviewed some of Barlog’s tweets from 2019 and found a coded message previewing his work on this upcoming sequel.

In a series of tweets pinned to the top of Barlog’s Twitter page, in which he reminisces about the creation of God of War, the first letter of every tweet spells out “RAGNAROK IS COMING.” This is an obvious nod to the new game and its now infamous tagline that we first heard in the teaser trailer.

These tweets were posted back on April 21, 2019, so Barlog has been sitting on this reveal for quite some time.

The teaser trailer closed out Sony’s PlayStation 5 showcase earlier this week. There was no actual footage shown, just a icy blue take on God of War’s Omega symbol that was made to look like the World Serpent.

You hear a voiceover from Kratos before seeing the words “Ragnarok is coming” on the screen. It then confirms that the game will be out sometime in 2021 and will, of course, be a PlayStation 5 exclusive title.

There was a huge amount of speculation surrounding the existence of this game. Despite leaving the door wide open for a sequel, there was no official word from Santa Monica Studios or Sony regarding its actual existence.

Multiple PS5 events came and went with longtime fans desperate for a peek at what was coming for the God of War franchise. Now, we finally have our answer, though it is amusing to note that it was staring us all in the face for more than a year on Cory Barlog’s Twitter page.