God Of War’s Director Reveals In An Interview Why Kratos Repeatedly Calls His Son “Boy” Throughout The Game

God Of War’s Director Reveals In An Interview Why Kratos Repeatedly Calls His Son “Boy” Throughout The Game
Credit: BagoGames via Flickr (license)

When a game is as popular as 2018’s God of War, players dive in depth into practically every aspect of both the gameplay and the story.

After countless play-throughs, fan theories have been formed, fan fiction has been written, and the creative team continues to field question after question.

God of War Director Cory Barlog recently shed a little bit of light on one of the most commonly quoted elements of the game. Namely, he spoke about why Kratos calls his son Atreus “boy” throughout the vast majority of the game.


“That was born of the fact that I couldn’t think of a good name for the kid,” Barlog said in an exclusive video on the official Sony Twitter account.

That statement is backed up by the “making of” documentary, Raising Kratos, which was released on YouTube last year. It documented the creation of this game, following Barlog from the beginning of the idea for God of War and how he went about remaking the franchise.

Throughout the documentary, whenever Barlog and his crew are talking about Atreus, they simply refer to him as “The Son.” Even in one scene, on the whiteboard, Atreus is not listed by name. He is “The Son.”

Many people wondered after seeing that, if the character just didn’t have a name for part of the development process. Those theories have now been confirmed.

However, the way Kratos calls his son “boy” has not only become a meme, but it added a layer of depth to the character. Whenever Kratos calls his son Atreus, it’s a powerful moment. It’s interesting to know that this critical element of the game’s story came about solely by accident.

As the release of the PlayStation 5 creeps ever closer, with Holiday 2020 being the vague window for its debut, fans are starting to wonder more and more about the assumed God of War sequel.

It is assumed, because neither Sony nor developer Santa Monica Studios have officially announced that God of War 5 is in development. However, given the ending of God of War coupled with the game’s commercial and critical success, it seems as if it’s only a matter of time until Kratos and Atreus head out on a second adventure.

With the timing of the PlayStation 5’s release, many believe that this unannounced sequel could wind up as one of the first announced PlayStation 5 exclusives. Microsoft has already announced Halo Infinite as the first exclusive title for the Xbox Series X. It stands to reason that Sony would fire back with God of War.