Goblinz Studio’s As Far As The Eye Launches On PC On September 10

Goblinz Studio’s As Far As The Eye Launches On PC On September 10
Credit: As Far As The Eye via YouTube

Goblinz Studio, Maple Whispering Limited, and developer Unexpected have announced the planned release date of their upcoming city simulation game As Far As The Eye.

As Far As The Eye is a nomadic turn-based city simulation game. The game starts as a procedurally generated journey that players have to help their residents survive through.

In As Far As The Eye, the player is “the wind” who guides the Pupils, a tribe working to reach the center of the world. The path isn’t easy. The Wind has to assist the Pupils by managing their resources, buildings, and their lives.

Players will control the Pupil’s lives by helping them master agriculture, crafting, learning about Science, and researching myths. The Wind has to guide the Pupils before the world is submerged by the water. With careful planning, the Wind can help the Pupils plan in advance for the upcoming flood.

As Far As The Eye relies on careful planning and managing resources. Players can’t do everything for the Pupils, and the people must learn to survive on their own. The player can help protect Pupils against random events.

Players will have the opportunity to expand the land in different ways. They can meet new allies, negotiate for helpful resources, and recruit new Pupils into the growing cities. There are no enemies in the game, but networking and building connections remain important.

By protecting the Pupils, players will be rewarded with new tribes, stories, fates, and new regions, all while learning more about A FATE’s traditions and legends. It all depends on how many Pupils that the Wind can guide to the Eye.

As Far As The Eye also has a Roguelike tribe system for those who want an additional challenge. Every time players start a new playthrough, they’ll experience something completely different.

Players can change the settings of their play sessions as well with additional features. They include changing game duration, halt size, resource generation, and more. Players can make it either easier to progress or a much tougher experience.

The game is available to wishlist on Steam now. Only a PC release has been announced with no information regarding a release on consoles or mobile.

As Far As The Eye launches on PC via Steam on September 10.